London Denim Launches The Eden T on Kickstarter


The Place: London – The Web / The Time: Sunday 1st October

London Denim Creative Director Simon King says:

If we can slow down our desires just a bit, perhaps we can buy our brains time to think more sustainably.  Perhaps we won’t have to see now / buy now.  Perhaps we can develop patience again. The Eden T is simple, it looks cool and is part of our effort to introduce “new” into the world without messing it up.”

We’ve created the effortlessly cool Eden T to sell at Fast Fashion Prices without sacrificing our morals. It’s ‘slow fashion at fast fashion prices’. Made from two pieces of the finest organic cotton jersey sewn together with one stitch.

We’re introducing the Eden T at two price points:

  1. A regular price point of £48:  Ordered from our site and delivered in 14 days.
  2. A FAST FASHION price point of £20:  Ordered on Kickstarter and delivered in 90 days.

Our message is clear – The longer you wait for your product the cheaper it will be.


One Stitch Design – We’ve thought as much about how Eden is made as, how it looks and fits. Our purpose is to create the most ergonomic T ever; and which a machinist can sew with one stitch.  We’ve designed two versions: The Eden T and the Pocket Eden T which has a breast pocket sewn in with the same stitch. It’s made from certified organic cotton that is shipped by road to our UK workshop where it’s made, limiting our carbon footprint and the harm to the environment.

Kickstarter – Kickstarter helps artists, musicians and designers find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. Kickstarter does this by pulling all orders together over the course of 30 days into a big super order which allows us to produce and sell the T’s at £20.

About London Denim – London Denim is a British streetwear brand founded by Simon King in 2001 and located in Highgate, North London. All product is made in the UK or Italy. The brand sells exclusively online. For more information about London Denim visit the About and Press sections of the website at