Singer Louis Mattrs talks to Absolute

Louis Mattrs won the hearts and ears of Chase & Status appearing on their ‘Lost & Not Found’ single. Whilst touring with the famous DJ duo, he has been making serious waves with his own material.

Absolute’s Kasia catches up with Louis…

Known for their edgy beats and London sound, Chase & Status delivered a beautifully crafted song that touched an emotional side of the underground scene. Concurrently, it was the discovery of a talent brewing out of a Brighton home. His soulful and laid-back vocals glide effortlessly over beautifully produced, subtly melodic grooves with an altogether pop sheen. Bow Down to that…


Louis…let’s talk music:

How did you get your start in songwriting?

I started dabbling (not dabbing) in songwriting when I was about 18 or 19. I didn’t think much of it really but after some time, I came to write Lost & Not Found for Chase & Status which changed my whole mindset of believing I could do this for a living.

What was your reaction when you heard “Lost & Not Found” play out for the first time?

I remember sitting in the lounge with all my friends drinking a can of Stella (classy) and hearing it on Radio 1. It was a pretty surreal moment.

What was your scariest stage moment?

My first ever performance to a live audience was at Radio 1 big weekend with C&S. That has got to be the scariest moment in my entire life.

What was your most euphoric stage or studio moment?

Singing on the “Other Stage” at Glastonbury is definitely the best feeling ever. Whilst singing, I remember thinking to myself how on earth have I blagged this one then.

Who is your ultimate, all time music genius?

The combination of Pharrell and JT. Everything they do together is pure gold.

What is your most memorable song from your pre-teen years?

Unfortunately, it has to be that Crazy Frog song. Whoever made it, I hate you.

What is your favourite sample pack?

In general, I tend to use a lot of Samplephonics’ sample packs. I also swap a few sounds here and there with other producers I collab with – saves us all the time and effort crate digging.

Can music heal a broken heart?

I don’t think it can really heal a broken heart. It normally just makes it even worse. Unless you are listening to Blue by Eiffel 65, it has so much emotion in it that it can heal anything.

Now, let’s talk home:

What is your favourite Sussex eatery and where do you like to let your hair down in Brighton?

Well if you asked me this question a few years ago I would probably have said the Wetherspoons on West Street. Since realising how rank it really is, I’ve moved on to bigger and better things. The Mash Tun and the fitzherberts is normally where I end up.

Brighton Pier or i360?

100% the pier over the i360 any day. Who wants to look at the sea from that high up when it looks exactly the same when standing on the ground. Who’s idea was it to paint it grey? I could go on but I don’t want to bore anyone. Also on the pier, I’ve set the record of 250 points on the basketball machine, good luck beating that (please don’t I’ll cry).

Brighton or Hove?

I feel like Brighton and Hove are the same thing anyway. I spend more time in Brighton though so I would have to say, Brighton.

Pebbles or Sand?

It depends on what mood you’re in. No one really likes getting sand stuck in between their toes so I would probably say pebbles. But then again, who likes walking on pebbles with no shoes on, there’s no real winner here.

Are you an Amex stadium regular?

What fixture are you most looking forward to this season?

I go there from time to time. I find it quite depressing though as I used to play for Brighton when I was younger and there are a couple of team-mates that play for the first team now. THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME!! Or maybe not. I’ll definitely be returning there to watch this season unfold though.

What is your Brighton guilty pleasure?

Bowplex, who doesn’t love throwing a ball at a bunch of pins every now and then.


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