0.0031% (Plastic & Chicken Bones) by Malcolm Galea At Brighton Fringe

0.0031% (Plastic & Chicken Bones) by Malcolm Galea At Brighton Fringe

Brave New World meets Black Mirror in this disturbingly plausible look at the future of humankind.

Pandemics, war and climate change… Where is it all leading to? Will humans still exist in the future? And, if they do, what will our world be like?

0.0031% (Plastic & Chicken Bones) is the story of a retro-fixing agent who travels back in time to undo the damage of a world war that’s yet to happen. A tiny margin of error causes him to be mis-projected to the present day and, as he waits to be picked up, we learn about what brought him here – as well as the events that led our species to a future without war, death, suffering or free will.

Set against the backdrop of a pending nuclear war, the rise of Artificial Intelligence, and the next phase of the human race, this gripping and thought-provoking piece sparks a conversation that needs to be had.

This solo show researched, written and performed by Off-West End Theatre Award winner Malcolm Galea making its debut at the Brighton Fringe may well be the most urgent piece of fringe theatre you’ll see this year.