10 Great Places To Visit For Your Next Holiday

10 Great Places To Visit For Your Next Holiday

Of all the things you need to decide about going on holiday, your destination can surprisingly be one of the most difficult. Arriving at a decision about where to go involves a lot of different factors; you’ll need to think about cost, of course, but also the opinions of your travelling party and your own personal bucket list. If you’re struggling for inspiration on where to go for your next unforgettable adventure, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 great places you should think about visiting for your next holiday.

1. Thailand
Surprisingly, Thailand is actually often very cheap to visit. If you stay away from Bangkok – and even if you decide to visit some of the more out-of-the-way places in the city – then you’ll find there’s a wealth of amazing experiences waiting for you. The country’s beautiful forests are waiting to be discovered by motorbike (which you can hire at a nominal cost, by the way), and there’s a good reason Thailand is known for its food. No matter where you go in this gorgeous country, you can’t go far wrong.

2. Gibraltar
This beautiful British overseas territory has so many breathtaking natural vistas that you could visit a hundred times and still not see everything it has to offer. You can avail yourself of day trips from Seville if you want to see the rest of Spain, of course, but Gibraltar also hosts opportunities for dolphin-watching, coastal exploration, and plenty more. Check out this Gibraltar travel guide by ClickTravelTips for the lowdown on everything there is to do in this stunning territory.

3. Czech Republic
Prague remains one of the world’s cheapest holiday destinations, which is criminal to us (although we’re not complaining). It’s a beautiful city, complete with incredible food and great beer. The aesthetic of the city is colourful and close, with vibrant decorations and lots of European heritage to spot. There’s a very good reason Prague was voted the most beautiful city in the world in 2021, and yet you can visit this wondrous jewel in the Czech Republic’s crown for a handful of…well, crowns.

4. India
Almost nowhere else in the world offers the same combination of beautiful natural sights and packed cities that India does. Of course, cities like Mumbai have incredible food on offer, so visit the street markets if you want to try some real Indian local delicacies. If you’re looking for an alternative, off-the-beaten-track way to experience India, try Mawsynram, which gets the country’s highest rainfall and so is the perfect place to escape the relentless heat.

5. Cuba
Once upon a time, Cuba was considered a dangerous place for tourists to go, but that’s no longer the case. This beautiful Caribbean paradise is much cheaper and less touristy than alternatives like Jamaica or Barbados, but it offers just as gorgeous a holiday destination nonetheless. Why not relax at the iconic Varadero Beach, where you’ll find a sun-kissed getaway unspoiled by vast crowds of tourists? Cuba is about to become one of the world’s premier holiday destinations, so try it now before it’s too late!

6. The Gambia
This unspoiled African paradise boasts some incredible nature reserves, making it the ideal destination if you adore animals (as we all should!). The River Gambia National Park plays host to a wonderful chimp rehabilitation area, where you can watch chimps interact with one another free of the trappings of Western zoos. You can also visit the incredible Matasuku Forest, which is a close, lush wood teeming with local Gambian history.

7. China
Although it’s definitely true that China has its fair share of political controversies, the same could be said of many other places in the world, and that shouldn’t stop you from visiting this intriguing country. China’s massive cityscapes are well-documented, but did you know that in the north of China, there are Middle East-style desert landscapes to see? It’s true – the Aladdin story in Arabian Nights is actually set in China, so make the north of the country one of your stops if you want to see its diverse geography.

8. The UK
Okay, so everybody knows that London is a beautiful city with lots of tourist landmarks and attractions. What’s unfair, though, is how vastly underrated other cities in the UK are. Birmingham, for example, boasts some of the most incredible Indian-inspired food in the world, and has plenty of beautiful buildings to see as well. You can also visit the Welsh countryside to see the UK’s natural beauty in all its glory, or travel to Scotland’s Hebrides to see some puffins in their natural habitat.

9. Bolivia
Despite its past political upheavals, Bolivia now stands as one of South America’s most beautiful and unfairly overlooked countries. The Salar de Uyuni salt flats must be seen to be believed; vast grey tiles stretching out as far as the eye can see really put things into perspective. You should also experience the sunset from the gorgeous Valley of the Moon, which was once a sandstone mountain that’s been eroded by time and the weather. Truly, Bolivia is a breathtaking country to visit.

10. Egypt
It’s worth checking your local government’s travel advice for Egypt, because political instability in the region means that sometimes, certain areas of the country are a no-go. However, for many tourists, the vast majority of Egypt remains open, so you can visit this ancient wonder of a country and see its many sights. It’s not all about the Nile and the Pyramids, of course; Cairo as a cityscape has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, putting it on a par with its contemporaries as a city worth visiting.