2017’s top interiors trends to try in your bedroom

2017’s top interiors trends to try in your bedroom

Spring is the time where we know a little more about what will be the big interiors trends of 2017. And this year’s Grand Designs Live show gave us plenty of inspiration for how we can all give our bedrooms a well deserved makeover just in time for summer!

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Rich colours

Gone are the days where stripped back minimalism rules our bedrooms, as we’ll look to embrace plenty more unusual on-trend colours to add an evocative touch to our interiors. Whether it’s vibrant ‘jewel’ tones like turquoise, ruby and emerald providing a rich and regal feel, or even embracing Pantone’s ‘greenery’ colour of the year, it’s all going to be about expressing ourselves in evermore colourful ways.

Rough textures

2016 was all about perfect and shiny metallics like copper and brass. But this year is expected to see plenty more rougher textures like terracotta and wood introduced into the home. Exposed brick is going to continue to be a massive hit for that industrial look, but even the most luxurious king size bed from the likes of Bedstar can be given a touch of brutalist charm with a nicely upcycled wooden bedside table.

Natural influences

It’s not just Pantone’s greenery trend that’s looking to bring nature back into our bedrooms, as plantlife in all forms is going to help us feel a little healthier in our homes. Whilst we may not often think of plants in our bedrooms, some of these air-purifying plants can not only help oxygenate the room, but they’ll give you an on-trend sleeping space too!

Back to the 1970s

It also seems as though we can’t escape the influence of the 1970s as there are plenty of ideas from this decade that are going to be big in 2017. From the emergent terracotta trend in our bedroom ornaments to that very 1970s fabric, velvet, being a big part of our choices in soft furnishings, it looks like we’re going to see many dramatic reinterpretations from that very stylish decade.

Jungle themes

And finally, every year seems to have a defining theme. And whilst recent years have seen tropical prints becoming a big hit, it looks like we’ll be seeing lots of jungle motifs in our homes in 2017. This could take the form of anything from some fern-leaved wallpaper to some rich green and yellow bedspreads for your king size bed and shows that 2017 is going to be a very wild year in interior design!