5 memorable shades from the silver screen

5 memorable shades from the silver screen

We’ve been graced with endless pairs of glasses which have proven to be iconic over the years – particularly in movies. When it comes to the big screen, we’ve seen sunglasses used as a statement accessory rather than an essential product in a number of different films. Think Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Lolita, would it have had the same allure if it wasn’t for the sunglasses? Many believe they are a key part of the character, becoming an iconic part of the movies.

So, what are some of the most memorable shades in cinematic history? There are almost too many to count, so we’ve narrowed it down to our top five.

With the shockingly red love-heart glasses, Lolita’s frames were iconic. The film covers a number of key issues and, while it’s a controversial tale of inappropriate obsession, Lolita remains memorable for a plethora of reasons. Although some of those who have seen the film may remember it for the uncomfortable context, the glasses pinned on the front cover will never be forgotten. Heart frames have since become a fashion accessory, and we’re slowly starting to see them return to the fashion industry.

The Blues Brothers
This film is a classic, as are their outfits. But would their look be complete without their fitted, completely blacked out sunglasses? The entire outfit added a sense of mystery to their character, and the suit, hat and dark shades has become iconic. With a style so classic, the glasses have been recreated many times and still remain a go-to style for some suave sunnies.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s
The iconic frames in Breakfast At Tiffany’s may have been inspired by Audrey Hepburn herself, who was constantly sporting a pair of glamorous frames and played the lead role.
Oversized black frames have become the ultimate fashion accessory for women since the film’s release, oozing grace and beauty. Although Audrey only ever wore them with her hair up, they can be worn with any style – and they’ve definitely kept their popularity over the years.

James Bond
InsideHook notes James Bond as an iconic glasses wearer. Instead of the blacked out frames so many before him would rock, Daniel Craig opted for lighter shades – and they definitely worked for him. In Spectre, all of his frames were Tom Ford, and looking back at some of his iconic roles, he definitely pulled them off.

Al Pacino in Scarface paved the way we see baddies in films – it’s not all about the eyes. Even with his gradient aviator frames, he was an intimidating character. ElleDecor notes it as one of the most memorable frames in cinematic history, and it’s not hard to see why. After the release of Scarface, gradient aviator glasses have significantly increased in popularity – even Kanye West took on the fashion advice.

Some frames have the ability to stay in your memory, and our top five are definitely some which you won’t be forgetting about anytime soon. The popular glasses continue to sell even now, years after the film’s release. Whether you’re going for some Audrey Hepburn frames or if you’re channeling Daniel Craig, it’s safe to say that frames can definitely make