5 Most Popular Male Beauty Trends In 2023

5 Most Popular Male Beauty Trends In 2023

Ten years ago, articles covering male beauty trends were pretty scarce. It’s only in the last few years, really, that male beauty has found its way into the mainstream, not least due to the impact of TikTok in catapulting the worldwide market.

Nowadays, male beauty techniques gain just as much popularity as females, with a number of different cosmetic techniques growing in and out of fashion each year.

So what about 2023? Although we aren’t even halfway through the year yet, it’s easy to see which trends are making the biggest impact. Some of them are easy, everyday routines, and others are a little more extensive.

But each is offering something different and doing its part to accelerate the male beauty market – while getting more men to feel comfortable, investigate, and explore.

With this in mind, here are the five most popular male beauty trends so far and why there is such a buzz about them:

Full Body Care

Facial scrubs, masks and lotions have been around in the male beauty market for a while, but in 2023, it seems that men are no longer limiting their skincare to their faces. Indeed, a number of botanical scrubs and exfoliators have been making waves this year, with men applying treatments at least twice a week post-showering.


While skincare is a common beauty treatment for men, we did say we’d look at the more full-on cosmetic treatments in this article too! When people think of the word “fillers”, they usually think about breast enhancements, bum lifts or lip fillers.

For men, however, penis fillers have been getting more and more popular, and not for the reasons you think. Obviously, every man wouldn’t mind having a bit more size downstairs, but penile enlargement London and around the world can increase libido, help with the cosmetic look of the penis and even fight against erectile dysfunction.

Sun Protection

When it comes to more simple procedures, one beauty trend in 2023 that no one really expected is… sunscreen! That’s right, more and more men are opting for a sunscreen with high SPF to not only protect their skin from the sun but improve their skin beauty.

This is especially true for those who suffer from acne. According to a recent study, sunscreen can improve acne by adding zinc oxide and protecting against free radical exposure, which ultimately helps to reduce breakouts.

Forehead Reduction

Hair insecurity is a big problem amongst men, but in 2023, there are far more ways to go about dealing with it. This involves cosmetically lowering the hairline, which helps to balance the proportions of your face and gives the illusion of a full head of hair.

Obviously, this is a surgical procedure, but any scar is essentially covered by the new hairline, making the procedure discreet and convincing.

Leg Day

Lastly, let’s look beyond procedures and beauty products and look simply at what you can do yourself. In 2023, it appears that more men are visiting the gym, and for one particular purpose. Leg day!

That’s right while training your legs used to be a chore, it is now a must if you want to strengthen your legs and make yourself more attractive – according to a recent survey, women not only find muscular legs sexy but they are seen as a sign of strength and virility. There are a number of different exercises to strengthen leg muscles, so get squatting, people!