5 Reasons Why Blackjack Might Be a Better Bet Than Poker  

5 Reasons Why Blackjack Might Be a Better Bet Than Poker

Ask card players which the best game is to play, poker or blackjack, and chances are that you’ll have passionate arguments put forward on both sides. But, while both games have their advocates, there are some basic facts about blackjack that undoubtedly make it very appealing to a great number of people, not to mention a favourite amongst celebrities ranging from Ben Affleck to Harry Styles. And, while it may not offer the chance to win poker’s truly incredible prize funds, it still has a great deal to recommend it.

The rules are simple
For the novice poker player, there’s a great deal to learn before they can even hope to start winning consistently. Firstly, there’s all the poker language to absorb – the blinds, the flops, even the river. Then there’s the hand rankings to master. Finally, there’s strategy, and a lot of it, and then putting it all into practice under the critical eye of other players. Blackjack, on the other hand, is one of the most simple card games of all. You either twist or stick and, if you go over 21, you bust.

There’s the basic strategy to help you
Imagine a game in which many of the decisions about your best course of action have already been made for you. That’s exactly what you can enjoy with the game’s basic strategy in blackjack. This is a set of play options that have been calculated to suggest the best move in any given situation. Naturally, it won’t mean you’ll win every time. But over a certain period, it will likely put you at an advantage.

It’s a great game to play online
The problem with playing poker online is that you never quite know who your opponents are. But that’s not an issue with online blackjack at Paddy Power because you’re just playing the dealer. Plus, there are a number of different variations of the game to play including Classic, Premium and Cashout versions. For players who want to replicate the authentic casino experience, there’s also live blackjack, played in real time with actual dealers.

No more mind games

“Poker!” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Viri G

Some people love the bluffing that’s an essential part of poker, along with trying to spot opponents’ subtle tells. Equally, concealing one’s own emotions in the face of a good or bad hand is also very appealing to some. But if you’re more of a straightforward kind of person then the simple directness of blackjack is all part of its attraction.

You can walk away whenever you want
Finally, as many poker players will testify, it’s easy to get involved in games that either never seem to end or which it’s worth persisting with to try to get a result. But with blackjack, you can cash in your chips whenever you want and step away from the table.

Of course, the debate about poker v blackjack is one that is set to run and run. But, at the end of the day, it’s all down to personal preference, and there’s no arguing with that.