5 stress free ways to plan a big wedding celebration

5 stress free ways to plan a big wedding celebration

Organising a large wedding can be a stressful process, especially if you are planning a traditional Asian wedding. This is because usually an Asian wedding celebrationhas more guests than a western wedding meaning that there are more aspects to consider, like transport and accommodation, and also the wedding venue, you can find some great Asian wedding venues here.

  1. Firstly, breathe…

Remember that things go wrong, and it is fine! Sometimes not everything goes to plan, and it can be out of your hands. Just remember to take a step backand assess the situation from the outside rather than get too worked up. Go through all the different ways that you can deal with the problem one by one. If you try and go through everything all at once, it can become too much, and it could take longer for you to sort out. If you can’t fix the issue, move on quickly; if you dwell on it, it could end up spoiling your day! Stay positive!

  1. Spend time with your loved one

This celebration is all about the two of you and your love for each other, so make sure that you give yourselves some time to be alone in the festivities. Take a walk together away from everyone else, or just have a sit down and catch up. Spending some time with your partner can be a great way to relieve stress, because you two are both in this together and tackling the stress with each other is better that tackling it alone.

  1. Ask for help

There can be a lot to remember on the day of your wedding, like collecting your gifts at the end of the day, so dividing up the jobs between your immediate family is a great idea to help split the stress so you aren’t doing everything yourself. Your family will be more than happy to help out and look after you and your partner and will most likely appreciate that you are getting them involved in the celebrations.

  1. Consider a theme

Having a theme will mean that you won’t have to spend lots of time searching for ways to decorate your wedding venue, as your decorations will all be within the same style. A popular theme for Indian weddings is Bollywood, as it is fun and there are so many different ways you can decorate. You could, for example, have a red carpet leading into your venue and ask your guests to dress up as famous Bollywood stars. Hiring a wedding band Bristol is a great tip to liven up the dance floor.

  1. Food, glorious food!

Often at a wedding day, brides try to plan a luxurious meal that really gives a wow-factor. However, this can be very stressful, especially because you have to take into account your guests’ preferences! Why not stick to your own culture’s traditional dishes? This way the majority of your guests will find something to enjoy, and it is another way for you to really celebrate your roots, taking a weight off your shoulders.