7 relaxing hobbies you can take up right now

With the current state of the world, and new restrictions being implemented in your own city, it can all feel a little too much right now. If you find yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it might be a good time to take up a new hobby. Watching the news everyday could cause you to worry, so try to limit how much you watch and read online and find something else to spend your time on.

Try and take a positive spin on the new restrictions and fit things in your day that you can do for yourself. Hobbies are an important way to help you de-stress and gather yourself. There are many ways you could add relaxation and productivity into your daily life, you just need to find which works for you.

To help, we’ve enlisted the experts at Forest Healthcare to share the most relaxing hobbies you can learn and master right now. They are set to take your brain away from all the uncertainty we are currently facing.

1)    Colouring books

During the start of lockdown, a lot of people found peace in colouring books. The adult colouring trend did take off a few years ago and is known widely known as a therapeutic exercise. The act of colouring is a powerful tool for de-stressing, and you’d be amazed how your brain can distract from reality for a few hours. Get yourself a good set of crayons and felt tips and watch your creations come to life.

2)    Journaling

Journaling is age-old hobby that encourages self-reflection and calm. Writing down your thoughts on paper or even on your phone has been proven to be a guaranteed way to de-stress your life. Make this a habit either first thing in the morning when you wake up or before bed, it will clear your mind of any negative thoughts and bring positive energy into your life.

3)    Read books

Scrolling through your iPhone and is sadly not classed as reading. Getting a real book and reading for leisure has many benefits when it comes to reducing stress, it will give you a goal to look forward to and give your eyes a break from screens. Pick a book that is out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to finish it by a certain time frame. It might open to your mind to a world of new possibilities.

4)    Learn a new language

There is always one new language that you can learn. This hobby won’t come to you overnight, but taking things step by step is key. Start with the basic vocabulary and take your time in understanding the heritage and culture behind the language. Many language classes are offering online sessions for every level, this is a great way in meeting new people who share the same interests as you. Try and incorporate this hobby into your other activities, when watching TV set the new language as the audio with English subtitles. This will help your brain subconsciously learn new words and phrases.

5)    Start running

This might seem the least appealing now the weather has taken a cold turn but running has a positive impact on your lifestyle. Any form of exercise is therapeutic, running encourages you to take in fresh air and break a sweat. It allows you to put your stresses to one side whilst you focus on your breathing and beating your current time. If you’re a beginner, it is best to start slow whilst you begin to get comfortable with your pace and always warm up and down. If running isn’t for you, try and consider a similar cardiovascular exercise that will force you to go outside and get your blood flowing regularly.

6)    Play an instrument

Picking up a guitar or violin can seem overwhelming, but with the internet at easy access, you can begin to master your new hobby straight away via online tutorials. Order your chosen instrument online and dedicate a few hours each day to learning. You could even ask your friends to do the same and practise together online.

7)    Practise origami

The ancient art of paper folding requires determination and patience. The art is a mindful practise that allows you to switch off from reality and focus on the complex task at your hand. You can learn the hobby via YouTube videos and joining Facebook groups with likeminded people. Practising this hobby will help to alleviate stress whilst mastering a complex skill.