7 Ways to Prevent Burglary This Christmas

7 Ways to Prevent Burglary This Christmas

Statistics show that many burglaries occur between October and January within the UK. With the festive season upon us, we are easily distracted with Christmas festivities and the holiday rush can divert our attention from home security. Law sure wants to highlight the importance of keeping our homes safe this winter.

Our contents often increase in value with the purchase of presents for loved ones and a pile of visible gifts left under our trees is tempting for any thief. We are all feeling the financial strain this time of year and burglars are no exception, they will use any opportunity they can to make a quick buck from your hard-earned items.

Below are 7 ways you can prevent your home from theft this Christmas.

1.  Double Lock Your Doors
No matter how secure you believe your door lock to be, there is most likely an easy way for a potential robber to enter. Make use of your double locks, even if you are just nipping out for that last-minute forgotten cranberry sauce.

If you have declared on your home insurance that you have a double lock system and don’t make use of this, you could be invalidating your home insurance. If you do not have one installed, it may be time to seriously consider doing so.

If your door can move more than 2mm, burglars can easily gain entrance and will know in seconds if you have used a double lock.

2.  Beware of Bathrooms
Frosted glass is a wonderful invention for our privacy when using the bathroom. Unfortunately, it also makes it obvious to thieves which room it is.

Burglars are able to easily see if you have locked yourself away in this one room while leaving the rest of the house empty and vulnerable.

Noise from showers means we often will not hear any noise from break-ins when making use of our facilities, ensure you leave lights on in another room, so possible intruders do not know the rest of your home is empty.

Not only will this keep your items safe, but more importantly, keep you safe when home alone.

3.  Alarm Bells Ringing?
Having a burglar alarm fitted is one of the best deterrents and many burglars will avoid your property when they see that little blinking box on the side of your house.

But, even the most vigilant homeowner can slip up with their own alarm. When setting your alarm, or turning it off, make sure you cover the system when entering your numbers or password. Even in your own home, you never know who may be peeking through a window or door and with the invention of the smartphone, it is easy to be videoed by a thief.

Always keep your keypad clean and replace any buttons that wear down. Over time, entering your passcode will cause wear to these buttons and make them dirty, making it obvious which numbers are used in your passcode.

4.  Save the Selfies For Later
Social media is a wonderful invention that lets us share what we are doing with those close to us.

Unfortunately, it can also alert burglars to what we are up to. Sharing holiday snaps in real-time, especially if you add a location, will alert the world wide web that you are currently not in your property.

This gives an open invitation for thieves to attend your empty property knowing exactly how far away you are and even how long you will be away for.

This doesn’t mean you can’t share your holiday memories, but it is best to wait until you return to do so.

5.  Postal Peril
Your letterbox may seem tiny but sticky fingers can always find a way. Valuables, especially car keys, can be easily obtained through a letterbox with some wire and magnets.

Many of us leave these items on tables and sideboards near the front door so we can’t forget them, but it also puts them at risk.

With so many different delivery services racing around the country at this time of year, those passing by may not question strangers hanging around your letterbox. Keep these items out of sight or better yet, have a cage fitted to your letterbox to avoid any theft.

6.  Avoid the Recycling Bin
We cannot encourage readers enough to recycle as much as possible but take caution around Christmas.

That new HD TV or tablet computer Santa recently delivered will most likely have come in a large cardboard box. Perfect for a destination in the recycling bin? Wrong! Thieves love to rummage through our bins for anything they could use to lead to a successful burglary or even fraud from bank statements.

We are all aware of the importance of shredding sensitive documents but putting your new high-value item’s packaging in the bin is an advert to robbers of the shiny new contents sitting in your home.

Instead, take your boxes down to your local recycling centre to keep you and the planet safe.

7.  Keep Burglars in the Dark
It’s not just an item’s packaging that needs to be kept safe, but also the items themselves.

As the evenings get darker, having lights on in the house makes it easier for people to see in.

Although you may feel your home is safe as you are inside, you are showing off your valuable items, as well as the layout of your house to anybody walking past.

Keep curtains and blinds closed as it gets dark as you never know who may be taking note of your home.