9 Activities for an Adventurous Weekend in Prague

9 Activities for an Adventurous Weekend in Prague

If you’re an adventurous soul searching for your next exciting trip, add Prague to the very top of your list. The capital of the Czech Republic is packed with thrilling activities for everyone.

Keep reading and discover 9 awesome activities that will make your trip to Prague an unforgettable adventure.

Do Some Shooting in Prague
Have an unforgettable experience with shooting in Prague. Prague Ranger allows you to fire historical weapons and feel like a cowboy, an American sniper or a Soviet soldier for a few hours.

There are plenty of shooting activities available for everyone, from the most experienced shooters to the first-timers.

Enjoy the largest gun range in the country at the best prices with your friends or even your family – you can count on a team of former police officers and soldiers of the Czech army.

Handle Spy Gear at the KGB Museum
Speaking of guns, take the opportunity to visit the KGB Museum, where an expert guide will take you through several exhibits and actual KGB gear. And the best part is that in this museum, you’re not just allowed to look: you’re encouraged to handle the gadgets and accessories in front of you.

Slide on the Prague Bobsleigh Track
Adventurous souls are guaranteed to have fun at Prague’s bobsleigh track. Located on the edge of Prague, off the beaten track (a great opportunity to explore the city even further), this 1 km track features dips, loops, and other attractions for you to experience at a velocity of up to 62 km/h. You can enjoy this activity both during the day and at night, thanks to the track’s special lighting. And feel free to bring along younger children. It’s a unique experience for them, and it’s safe, as the track is equipped with an automatic brake system.

Go Mountain Biking
Enjoy the breathtaking landscape of Prague while feeling the adrenaline taking over your body. There are several MTB routes in Prague for you to speed through and create a memorable experience.

Get to Know the Dark History of Prague
For a long time, Prague has been the setting of many creepy tales and legends. Its cobblestone streets, Gothic and Baroque buildings, and dim lights are the perfect background for a ghost tour packed with suspense. Get to know more about eerie disappearances, supernatural sightings, and evil stories as you walk around the streets of Prague with a mysterious tour guide.

Do Fun Water Sports in the Vltava River
If you don’t let the cold weather stop you, Prague’s Vltava River hosts several exciting water activities for travellers and locals who enjoy the aquatic adrenaline rush not far from the capital centre. It’s not odd to see the Czech take a swim in the cold river during winter time – there’s a long tradition of winter swimming in the Czech Republic. So join the locals: get your swimsuit on and engage in a relaxing swim across the Vltava or challenge your friends for a friendly race in rafting, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding,… you name it.

Explore Prague’s Nightlife
Experience the electrifying nightlife in Prague. Drink some of the best and cheapest beer in the world in a city with an unmistakable bar scene.

Prague’s nightlife has a place for everyone. Whether you want to explore pubs, dance the night away in a Czech club, or have a nice, relaxing drink near the Vltava river, Prague can deliver.

Visit the Wenceslas Square Bunker
One of the most famous squares in Prague, Wenceslas Square, has been hiding a big secret for more than 40 years. Underneath an elegant boutique hotel called Jalta Hotel, just 750 meters away from the historical centre, there is an anti-nuclear bunker, with the capacity to accommodate about 150 people. Its purpose was to shelter prominent military figures in case war broke out.

It’s believed that the hotel was built to disguise the shelter. Currently, the bunker is a museum dedicated to the Cold War era.

Leave Your Mark (literally) on the Lennon Wall
Don’t leave Prague without telling everyone, “I was here!” in a somewhat rebellious way. The John Lennon Wall is a very popular landmark in the city where you can write or draw without legal consequences. Grab a piece of chalk, a can of spray paint, or just a marker and leave a message on the wall.