To celebrate the life, art & poetry of the Sussex artist Michael Glendening, on the 25th anniversary of his tragic death in 1995, his brother (film director & screenwriter) Jonathan Glendening is publishing two books in his honour.

TANGIER Is a short biographical novella by Michael that charts an ill-fated trip to Morocco in 1984. It is available in paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

ECHOES is a large format hardback containing over 240 pages of photographs, sketches, watercolours, chalks and oils. The book contains over 100 poems from four collections, including previously unpublished rarities. Echoes charts his life, development as an artist and poet to the cusp of success when he tragically died on October 23rd 1995.

Michael was born with a hole in his heart in Kasama, then in Northern Rhodesia, in 1958, the son of a District Officer. After a life of conventionality he rejected his Masters degree (Biological Sciences 2.1 Hons) in favour of becoming an artist & poet. He moved to Paris and then Glasgow to pursue his artistic passions. His poetry was regularly published and he established his studio in Lewes, Sussex. Just as he was finding success with a number of solo exhibitions he succumbed to his childhood heart condition, aged only 37.

Jonathan is available for interview to talk about the books, his brother’s life & art, and to read a selection of poems. Video / Audio of Michael reciting ‘Blackberrying’ is also available for broadcast.