A Great Job Done By Brightons Debbie Jaye Keeping People Fit In Lockdown

A Great Job Done By Brightons Debbie Jaye Keeping People Fit In Lockdown

Debbie has been teaching Pilates for the past 13 years at clubs in South London and now in Brighton where she moved in 2018. She got married last year in April 2019 under the Brighton Bandstand. When Debbie moved she went from teaching 16 classes a week in South London to just 3 classes in Brighton, having to start building her business all over again.

Debi is a level 3 Pilates instructor who had the good fortune to be taught by Michael King of the Pilates institute, an internationally renowned Pilates instructor. When the Covid lockdown hit, all classes and gym attendance stopped and her teaching evaporated immediately along with her source of income.

So she decided to set up DJpilates an online Pilates business run by her, teaching beginners to experienced Pilates students of all ages and abilities. In two months she has established her web site djpilates.com, set up her You Tube channel and has a presence on Twitter, Linked in, Facebook and Instagram.

She has worked hard to find many of her old students from across the south who are now taking classes online with her. She even has students taking part in New York USA. She offers very low cost introductory classes at just £1/ person for 40 minutes and other classes at different levels and variations. She is now teaching 5 classes a week and in July 2020 will be adding her sixth.

She has 80 students that regularly take part and has taught up to 47 in her introductory class, all in the privacy and comfort of their home or indeed anywhere they can get online and do her lessons safely. She fully intends to keep teaching her classes online and believes this to be the way forward for her to teach classes well into the future.

I would be more than happy to talk to you about my online Pilates and how it has been something quite special for me and of course my students.

My number is 07941 553533