A Guide To Online Bingo

A Guide To Online Bingo

After so many lockdowns, safety restrictions and rules to follow over the past couple of years, anyone would be forgiven for wanting to get out of the house and make the most of the outdoors or nightlife. However, during the pandemic online casinos and bingo websites were busy improving their technology and making their games increasingly engaging so there is every excuse to stay in and create some fun nights in.

If you’re new to the ever growing online bingo world then why not check out some of the most popular, new bingo sites but here I am going to explore some of the best tips and tricks for a fun bingo night in.

Yes Bingo!

Online Bingo is a fun way of bringing friends and family together in the comfort of your own home. No need to worry about entry fees and memberships, parking or transport, even the noisy surroundings is better, depending on whom you invite. You pick the visitors and can even set a theme to add to the fun. Pull your money together or even play separately and in teams, add the funds to your account and let the fun begin.

The latest versions of the classic game generally have the same rules, but bring it into the future with the use of modern technology and have brought the game to a new generation.

With the infusion of modern technology into a vintage game, it has naturally made the game more appealing to a wider range of ages but there are also some extra things you can do with your friends to add to the enjoyment.

Set a Theme

Adding a theme could be a fun way to add a little extra to a bingo night in with friends and as you’re hosting, it could be anything that appeals to you. From a black tie event to give you that Casino Royale feels, through to a bygone era, the beauty of this is that it could be anything that means something for you and your friends.

Set the scene

Send out themed invitations to your event requesting your guest’s attendance and suggesting that they dress the part. Send your invitations out allowing your guests as much notice as possible to give them the opportunity to create their costume as best as possible.

Add Other Games into the Mix

You could add in another popular board game to play alongside the bingo; Cluedo, Scrabble, Monopoly or Twister are some that might work well but if you can come up with any other games that could play well alongside then why not try.

The player with the most hits, or the use of trigger numbers that allows that player to take the next move, or conduct the evening’s fun are some ways to play both games together but use your imagination and see what you can create.

Action Numbers

Make your own random list of numbers along with a random list of corresponding actions to go with them so that when one player acquires a certain number on their card they are also expected to carry out the action their number is linked to. You could create animal cards that each has a number and when this number is called, everyone must do their best impression of that animal. Trading pieces of clothing or conversation topics tied into each number are some other ideas.

Open it up to Suggestions

Offer your guests the opportunity to design their own bingo cards with their own crazy twists to bring more unexpected fun to the evening, rewards or prizes could be gifted to those that come up with the funniest or best ideas throughout the party.

Party games and online bingo can clearly run in conjunction to offer a fun night in for anyone willing to try it but stay up to date with the latest bingo news and reviews to maximise the fun whenever you decide to play the game.