A Home by the Sea is the Place to Be 

A Home by the Sea is the Place to Be
Location, as every home buyer understands, is one of the primary determiners of a home’s value. If the property is in the right place, then it’s probably a home worth living in.

For many Brits, the seaside isn’t an obvious place to relocate to. We consider surf, sand, boats and jetties to be the stuff of holiday memories, rather than everyday life.

But recently, these assumptions are being increasingly reconsidered, as the British come to appreciate the long-term benefits of life beside the sea. A recent survey found that more than half of us would consider a move to the seaside in the future.

But exactly what are the upsides of a seaside location?

Beautiful views
Let’s begin with the obvious. The sea offers substantial aesthetic value. It’s great to look at, the fresh sea air is invigorating, and the sounds of surf and gulls are amazingly soothing. New-build homes in seaside cities like Brighton mean that you don’t have to put up with ageing properties, either.

Can increase the value of your property
Provided that your home isn’t likely to be undermined by sea erosion, the value of a coastal property is only likely to increase over time. According to one estimate, the right view can add 85% to the value of a property – so, if your new house overlooks the sea, you’re likely to get a return on the investment in the future.

The sea is a feature that’s unlikely to be built upon or otherwise ruined. In other words, it’s a source of value for your property that’s likely to be resilient in the future.

Recreational activities
If you live beside the sea, then you’ll have access to the beach. This means plenty of opportunities for unique forms of leisure, like sailing, surfing, and swimming. Jogging on sand is an extremely potent form of exercise – and that’s before we think about clifftop walking and all of the other associated forms of exercise in nature.

Health benefits
We’ve already touched on two health benefits of the coast: the exercise, and the natural soothing power of the sea itself. But there’s a more general sense in which people around the coast are more relaxed and easy-going. They enjoy lower levels of stress, and a higher quality of life. There’s now a substantial body of research which demonstrates this.

Wildlife and nature on your doorstep
The coast is a habitat for all manner of amazing creatures. Seagulls, seals, dolphins, puffins, crabs – depending on where you decide to stay, you’ll have them all within easy reach. Just head down to the beach with your binoculars at the ready.

Investment value
Seaside property, naturally, isn’t just good for living in. Rent your property out to tourists during peak travel season, and you could make a substantial amount. Plus, you’ll be able to vacate the area, and avoid the crowds!

We’ve just scratched the surface of the appeal of seaside life. If you’re planning a move to the coast, however, then it’s worth booking a temporary stay. After a few weeks, you’ll know whether your lifestyle is a good fit for the sea.