A.I Myths- Demystified

Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest technologies to ever been created by and for human beings. There is still a lot that we desire from it and there is a lot to be done it. Since the technology is still relatively new, there is also a lot of speculation that is going around because of it.

Top A I Myths…
AI Is Going to Replace All Jobs
Many people believe that AI is going to replace their jobs. This of course we can blame on a number of movies that have given people that idea. An intelligent machine taking over the world and humans working for machines. The typical 20thcentury movie.
As much as people may think that this will happen, it actually won’t. What will howler happen is AI making our lives easier. Giving us better chances at education and increasing the productivity in the job industry. Getting our jobs done faster so that we can go back to playing our beloved online casino games (casino français en line in French).

A I will Replace Low Skilled Jobs
Hypothetically speaking if AI was going to replace jobs, it would most probably be the high level jobs. Because it these jobs that need us to be more careful and that need a lot of office work. Remember how when computers were first introduced and it was assumed that they would take over our jobs. Instead because of computers, we got more jobs.

AI Is Better Than Humans
In this sense that a computer, just like slots found at the best online casinos, is faster than humans at calculations, this may be true. However, since it was created by a human, it is also flawed. The same is true for AI. It may be better than humans in some places, but in others it is not. The main reason for this being that it was created by humans. And no matter how much we strive for perfection, we are still a long way to go.