A Look at the Rich History of Card and Board Games in Brighton  

A Look at the Rich History of Card and Board Games in Brighton

Brighton has long been regarded as one of the UK’s finest places to relax and enjoy some fun and games. But why is this the case? By looking back at historic venues and looking ahead to new companies, we can see why card and board games are so important to the area and to the future of this iconic coastal city.

Current Places to Play Card and Board Games
Brighton retains a strong casino culture, with many locals and tourists enjoying the chance to play games like slots and roulette here. A more modern option comes with internet casinos that offer games such as blackjack online at Betfair. This approach provides demo games as well as a real-money option. The classic rules are followed and the online method means variants like Quantum Blackjack and Infinite Blackjack can be offered.

In terms of board games, there are several pubs and bars in Brighton that are famous for their huge collection of games that visitors can play for as long as they want. This is very popular among the patrons. One of the most popular gaming pubs is the Dice Saloon on New England Street, this place has numerous boxes of games on their shelves, and some people stick around for hours to play. Most of the games are for sale if you want to carry on playing once you get home.

The UK’s First Casino
There is some doubt over the location of the first-ever licensed casino in the UK after 1960, with some sources claiming that it was the Casino Club Port Talbot that opened in Wales in 1961. Others insist that it was the Clarence Room in the historic Hilton Brighton Metropole hotel, where the casino’s huge walk-in safe can still be seen today. This casino was opened in 1962 and was a huge success with wealthy gamblers. While this historic casino did relocate in the 1980s, the prestige of this site potentially being the first casino on British soil remains prominent and well-known.

The Rising Star of Card Games in Brighton
A local company called Gamely Games has helped to show the way forward for businesses in Brighton, as they won the Small Business of the Year award from Amazon in 2019. Founded by Hazel Reynolds in 2015, the firm was able to launch its first game, called Randomise, thanks to the £4,500 in funds that they raised on Kickstarter.

By Christmas of 2016, it was one of the top ten card games of all those sold by Amazon, and it has been followed by Soundiculous and The Pretender, as well as other titles from the same company. Reynolds described their games as being a “very silly” way of having fun with friends and family.

Companies like Gamely Games releasing new offerings work in tandem with the city’s strong history and reputation of games. It seems likely that Brighton & Hove will continue to be a hub of both classic and modern entertainment for locals and tourists alike.