A player’s guide to casino games

When stepping into a physical casino, or entering the online casino landscape, you’ll be met with plenty of games for you to explore.

You might have tried a few casino games, whether at a land-based venue or casino online, but there’s a wider range out there.

So, if you want to find some of the most popular casino games and what they entail, carry on reading…

Slot machines

Starting with one of the most widely recognised types of casino games around, slot machines are so popular due to their simplicity and bold graphics.

Here are some of the top things to know about Slots:

How to play – There’s not much to know about playing a slot game as gameplay is fairly straightforward. Insert credits into a physical machine or place a wager online to spin the reels. The objective of the game is to try your chances at lining up matching symbols on the payline.

Types you can find – There are many types of slot games you can choose to play, including Fishin Frenzy Even Bigger Catch, and Raging Rhino. But more generally, you’ll find classic three-reel Slots, video Slots with extra features, and progressive jackpot Slots where you could potentially win some great prizes – just to name a few.

Top tips – Slot games are based solely on chance, so there’s no way to manipulate a game’s outcome. Although, there are some tips to use whilst playing, like setting a budget and only wagering what you can afford to lose. Understanding your specific game’s paytable and rules beforehand is also a great idea, so you’re fully prepared to spin the reels!


This is another classic casino game with some different elements but is yet another of the simplest casino games around.

Here’s what you should know:

How to play – Whether online or at a brick-and-mortar establishment, Roulette requires you to place your bet on a ball spun around a wheel with numbered and coloured pockets. Where do you think the ball will land? With two main types of bets to choose from – inside (specific numbers or combinations) and outside (red/black, odd/even) bets, there’s plenty of choice.

Types you can find – As well as betting options, there are also plenty of types of Roulette games you can play. French Roulette, American Roulette, and European Roulette are among some of them.

Top tips – Roulette is also purely based on chance, but understanding the different betting types and their payouts can help you play according to your bankroll.


Also known as 21, Blackjack is a card game that combines a variety of elements, so what does this popular game involve?

How to play – The goal of Blackjack is to beat the dealer with a hand value of 21, or as close to it as possible, without going over. Within the game, you’ll have options to choose from, such as to ‘hit’ (receive another card), ‘fold’ (and opt-out) or ‘stand’ (keep your current hand), for example.

Types you can find – European, American, and Blackjack Switch – where you’ll have the option to switch cards – are just a few you can find.

Top tips – Whilst this game is based on chance, it’s important to understand basic Blackjack strategy so you can make informed decisions throughout gameplay. However, this will not guarantee success. A good tip is to understand the particular game you’re playing and use the dealer’s face-up card to help make decisions.

With three casino games to play, which one will you be playing next?