Each & every month, Absolute’s hardened editorial socialites & luxury-lifestyle chroniclers bring you their thoughts and feelings about all the best things in life – destinations, locations, events, objects, gadgets, garments, digestibles and accoutrements, We bring an informed, enlightened  view of them all. The Absolute Reader
With a high net worth reader, it’s important to understand that our readers are passionate about their lifestyle and informed on all things that make that lifestyle complete, They are discerning and curious. We are not here to patronise or sell another’s agenda. We are here to entertain and inform you. The Absolute reader looks to our pages for brutal honesty, truth and humour. They want inspiration and entertainment – the latest press, stunning advertorials and gorgeous photography. The Absolute Writer
Our contributors are features writers, novelists, socialites, free thinkers and experts in their respective fields. Absolute presents stories in entertaining and invoking ways. It’s a way of working that goes back to our routes as publishers – with style that follows the greats of the 20th century, from the New Yorker to Esquire, Picture Post to Vanity Fair.  Our editorial is our own, in our style &f voice and independent of influence. This not only helps to keep our readers interested in what we chose to cover every issue, but builds trust. Our writers are encouraged to be honest and our readers know this. Distribution
Absolute magazine publishes 2 editions per year and is available free of charge at various sussex outlets plus on all major smartphone and tablet platforms. The printed edition hits the locations in June and in Oct each year – or we can mail or email you a copy as a subscriber.