George Clooney, Matt Damon, Hugh Bonneville

Absolute Cinema February

Bill Murray gets all poetic about 2013 and this year’s big new films

In a year where “Anchorman” made a return, cinemas in the region could feel the burn

Sandra and George Were lost in space

“World War Z” was all over the place

“Pacific Rim” splashed about

“Iron Man 3”  had Plenty of clout

“Star Trek” two Was a bit of a let-down

“Man of steel” Got caught with his pants down

“Monsters University” was a massive hit

“The Great Gatsby” was a little bit shit

“Despicable me” got a sequel and “Carrie”  was remade (but not really equalled)

“Rush”  was my fave with loads of great  action.

“The Hobbit two” made me feel like my legs were in traction.

“12 years a slave” was the biggest by far

A huge film, a great cast – it gets the cigar!

So onto next year and we have some real corkers.

Russell Crowe plays a Noah who doesn’t like water.

“Robocop” gets a remake with plenty of gore.

Brad Pitt plays a soldier – I can hear you say phwoar!

Jack Ryan is back as a C I A spy.

Arnie stars in “Sabotage”  but I ask myself why???

Theres another bloody “Hobbit” they are breeding like bunnies.

“Dumb and dumber two” looks set to be guaranteed the funny.

Cameron Diaz in “Annie” has you totally stargazing!

“Maleficent” the real sleeping beauty is simply amazing.

“Into the  Woods” looks ever so good.

Johnny Depp and Chris Pine looking exceedingly fine!

Those Ninja Turtles return in a film that is fine – Emma Thompson gets the part of her life in the “Voyage of time”

“Lucy“ from Luke Besson is the art-house surprise.

An action movie that makes you laugh and cry

Tom Cruise is back with the “Edge of tomorrow”

A storyline that has been begged, stolen and borrowed.

“The monuments men” is a war film on speed

George Clooney, Matt Damon what more do you need?

Captain America – The Winter soldier. Will leave you feeling why did they bother!

So save up the pennies and head off to the pictures

Or come to Big Screen where it’s free and be richer!