Absolute Magazine – Jason and Karen Kirk share top tips on how to approach eyewear

Absolute Magazine – Jason and Karen Kirk share top tips on how to approach eyewear

Tell us a little bit about Kirk & Kirk: 
Built on a 100-year history in optics, Kirk & Kirk was founded to change the way that people feel about eyewear. In a world of conformity, there are those who are different. We’ve never chased trends, nor sought industry approval. We’ve simply been making distinctive eyewear to help our customers authentically express themselves. Worn by people that are comfortable in their skin, there are no visible labels, no embellishments, just an emphasis on design and quality, a quiet confidence.
Kirk & Kirk frames are the only collection in the world to be hand-crafted in Italian acrylic which makes them incredibly light and comfortable to wear.
And you’re based in Brighton: 

We are. We settled on Brighton and Hove as our forever destination, which we love for its unique vibe. We were drawn to the open and accepting culture, and the simple fact that it put a smile on our face whenever we walked into town.
And tell us a bit about yourselves: 
Jason: I grew up surrounded by optics and run the business side of Kirk & Kirk, regularly visiting our factory in France for in-person quality checks.

Karen: I studied design in London, and was working for Saatchi & Saatchi when I turned to optics.

While Jason is the evangelist of the brand, Karen is the creative mastermind, relishing the design process which she views as a mission to solve challenges.

So, for our readers, how would you advise them to approach eyewear?

Our approach is not about eyewear – but it is always about the person who will be wearing it. It’s not about how the glasses look, but how they feel and what the individual wants to express. For example, what do they want their glasses to say about them? That is what’s really important.

We match glasses to someone’s personality and then we really get into how glasses can elevate and match someone’s mood for that day: where they are going, what they are doing and which version of themselves do they want to project. It’s the same as how they decide what clothes to wear.

When we wake up in the morning, we choose our glasses based on how we feel. We are fortunate enough to have a number of frames to choose from (in the same way someone may have a variety of shoes or jumpers). If I want to feel professional and confident, I will choose Victor in Ocean frames and then get dressed around the glasses, and if I’m out on the town I’ll slip into a Thor.

We want people to feel excited about eyewear. Nearly 60% of the UK population wear glasses so it is a real game-changer if you wake up every morning and are excited about putting on your eyewear.  Some people choose to wear glasses, and other people need to. If someone needs to wear glasses, they should treat them like an accessory to enhance their feel and look – it should be a positive experience!

And for those who do find themselves in a situation where they need to wear glasses, we would recommend they visit an independent store where they will find passionate opticians. Eye health is so important and so the medical aspect of getting an eye test cannot be rushed – make sure to get a thorough eye test through an independent optician. Following the eye test, they will then be met with an array of eyewear designed by designers who are creative and passionate about what they do.

It’s an exciting experience, and when someone discovers the frames that fit their look and personality, they’ll forget any notion of self-consciousness and be proud of their new accessory!

In our new Centiles collection alone, we bring out different personalities. Discover a selection below and the themes behind each frame:

Elektra – The source, emitting purest energy and passion.
Storm – The hurricane, harnessing the forces of nature.
Thor – The protector, skilful concentration of power and strength.
Robin – The legend, confident in his strength; comfortable in his weakness.
Lotus – The flower, the divine master of grace.

And you’ve just launched a Virtual Try-On option online – so can our readers get a good idea of what the frames will look like before they receive them?  

We are so excited to unveil our virtual try-on option for our customers to use online. My grandfather developed new ways for customers to discover the right frames 100 years ago by creating advertising books with pictures and phrases to bring the frames to life, and we are doing the same thing but  in a 21st century context! We’ve taken time to find the right technology to ensure our customers have an enjoyable and seamless experience. The technology allows our acrylic frames to come to life with the light transmission of the frames being seen on screen, as it would in real life. Customers can try our frames on and in each colourway, to ensure they feel confident in their purchase.
Now Absolute readers know to look for their personality in their frames, visit kirkandkirk.com or instagram.com/kirkandkirk and experience it first-hand!