Absolute talks to music artist “Big Narstie”

Absolute talks to music artist “Big Narstie” ahead of his Brighton gig.

Firstly, how are you this evening? Looking forward to your performance ahead?

Yeah man, enjoying it, just getting ready doing the sophisticated pre-show rituals (pours himself a drink)

For the readers that don’t know, where did it all begin with the music?

It all began in my local youth club, big up Pastor Chris, face-to-face project! He bought the decks for the community, starting when I was around 15. Then boom, professionally doing this for about 10 years, and in the last 4 years it’s been really successful.

Going on from that there, what are your views on how grime as a genre has risen to mainstream attention in the last couple of years? Do you feel that this has helped facilitate collaborations that you wouldn’t have seen say 10 years ago?

Definitely, it’s a good thing. It’s just good that it’s not at the back of the bus anymore. It’d be good to see how long it stays there, and its good that we’ve got to the front of the bus, not by music companies doing it but by general people who are involved in the scene across our country.

Could you tell me a bit about how yourself and Craig David came to collaborate?

Well we met at Mr. Jam Takeover Show, big-up Kurupt FM, and from there like we just linked. I’m a big fan; I mean I used to listen to him when I was grounded (laughs) so I just couldn’t hold back my fan-ness. Like, a lot of artists are scared to show in public that they like other artists, but I don’t give a shit man.

I’ve seen you’ve done some acting work such as cameos in Anuvahood and sitcoms such as Dubplate Drama. Do you feel the act of performance helps when acting in front of the camera?

Definitely, I’m lucky that I feel comfortable in front of the camera; I’m comfortable in my shell so it’s definitely helped. It looks a bit weird when you see someone uncomfortable in front of the camera.

When was it you started to realize you had such an online presence, and what was the catalyst for that?

I’d say 4 years ago, maybe 5, I came out of hospital and was told “your Uncle Pain videos are real funny” and yeah it just spread, because my music is very hardcore, the videos made people come closer to my personality.

What’s in store for 2017 with the music and touring? I can imagine you have a pretty busy schedule ahead?

Im just wrapping up the album, my new single called “They don’t Know” its out right now. “Base Invaders” is the name of my game, its out right now for free on Apple and Android and you can throw zoots and the feds (laughs). Uncle Pain DVD’s and all merchandise is available on BigNarstie.com.

Lastly, I have to ask, what are your thoughts on Brighton? Do you like performing here and the atmosphere?

Brighton is so turnt up. It’s like a cold Ibiza strip.