Advanced Blackjack Strategies 

Visiting The Casino or Online – Advanced Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack or 21 as it can also be known, is one of the most popular casino games, traditional land based format, slot machine format and also online. It has been played for hundreds of years and is what is known as a casino banked game, in other words the players don’t compete against each other but compete against the dealer, in essence the casino. The objective of the game is to get a hand worth 21 before the dealer does and to not go over 21 otherwise the player is then bust and the other players automatically win, The dealer hands out two cards to each player and places them face down whereas the dealer’s card is dealt face up, a strategic part of the game is to make a mental note of what the dealer’s card is. The second dealer’s card is dealt face down. You might want to visit after reading this article.

There have been a number of strategies evolved from a basic strategy to more advanced approaches in order to net the small wins to the big wins. Players need to have their own rules on when to hit or to stand and the dealer’s card must be taken into account. Once the basics have been mastered then the advanced strategies can be applied.

Strategies for blackjack
An advanced Blackjack strategy is all about evaluating the remaining cards left in the deck and adapting the strategy according to what works best in that particular situation. When the ten’s and aces’ remain in the deck then the deck of cards tend to favour the player rather than the dealer otherwise known as the house.

One strategy is when the hand equals around fifteen or sixteen but consists of more than two cards and may even include three or more cards. The dealers face up card will determine the player’s next move and whether the player should hit or stand. If the players hand is made up of four cards of four to make up to sixteen then an element of risk is going to be whether the player hits again as the player needs a low value card in order to remain in the game and not go bust.

Learning the technique of counting cards is by far one of the most common yet strategic approaches in the gambling market. In order for a player to succeed with this method, they need to be able to memorise the deck of cards, act quickly and apply basic mathematics swiftly.

Betting on the other player’s hand, should the opportunity present itself, is another strategy to help win at Blackjack. If, for example, the other player has a Blackjack, a hand made up of three or more cards to a total of twenty one, and the dealers face up card is an Ace then this gives the player the opportunity to basically buy the other players hand by offering the player more money than the dealer would. The win will be if the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack.