After North America, First Stop Brighton…

Anya Zervudachi talks to Hugh Wastnage to find out more about Mucho Burrito

When and where did Mucho Burrito first begin?
Mucho Burrito first opened its doors June 2006 in Ontario, Canada. The story goes…..

“It all began when the founders encountered musician and food aficionado Jonny Mucho and befriended him. In return he shared generation-old family recipes and secrets to create tempting Mexican dishes. His mantra became ours; the best food begins with the best ingredients.”

From the very beginning Mucho has made its mission to provide our customers with an unmatched Mexican flavour experience, made right in front of your eyes. Mucho Burrito now has over 85 stores across Canada and the US

Is this the first Mucho Burrito in the UK, why Brighton?
Brighton is not only the first store in the UK, but the first international Mucho Burrito store outside of North America! Brighton is a great city and resort that we felt was ready to embrace a new brand and experience such as Mucho Burrito from the off, and we weren’t wrong. Brighton has many different cultures and nationalities and the population here are never afraid to try something new. Mucho Burrito is a franchise currently expanding into Europe and across the UK, and in years to come Brighton will always be the place where it all began internationally.

What makes Mucho Burrito unique?
Our Mucho Burrito! The Mucho is a 14” Tortilla in either white or whole wheat that is exclusive to us. The Mucho is for those with a larger appetite, or is great to share. A Mucho comes packed with a generous helping of every ingredient you choose and includes Guacamole. Our sizes at Mucho Burrito are generally one size larger than most Burrito restaurants. Our regular is actually 12”, and a small is 10”. You will leave Mucho satisfied.

Do you have any special deals to tempt us with?
Throughout March, April and May we are promoting one product for our customers to give them an opportunity to try us for the first time at a promotional price. During April we are offering our Regular 12” Chicken Burrito at only £4.95, in either white or whole wheat, and to either eat in or take away.

Tell us about the vibe at Mucho Burrito!
Mucho Burrito has a fun authentic Mexican vibe but with some European and North American twists thrown in. We deliver a relaxed atmosphere within a stylish eating area that makes for an all round great dining experience.

With Mexican food fast becoming the new ‘in’ food in the UK, what sets Mucho Burrito apart from its competition?
One word, flavour! As Mucho Burrito has evolved since 2006 we constantly make improvements to our menu to deliver the best experience for our customers. In 2013, we enhanced our menu even further and although it takes a little more time for us to prepare now, the flavour profile is unmatched. The preparation of our salsas, before they reach the service line involves 10 fresh ingredients and three stages of food preparation alone. The feedback on our wonderful flavour since opening in Brighton has been fantastic and is well worth the extra effort, with our customers complementing us and appreciating what makes us stand alone in the Burrito & Mexican sector.

In the past Mexican food has been portrayed as unhealthy, however times have changed. For example our Regular 12” Chicken whole wheat Burrito with black beans, salsa, chargrilled veggies, Mexican brown rice, Cilantro and even cheese comes in under 500 calories with only 15g of fat, and this is filling. You can check out the nutritional content of our full menu, and literally build your own diet using our online tool. Go to and then use the nutritional calculator in the menu tab.

Tell me a little more about what is on the menu!
We have a wide ranging menu that offers a lot more than you might expect, with chilli content ranging from zero to extremely hot to cater for all tastes. We have a wide range of fillings including even lightly battered Fish, Chorizo or Chipotle Shrimp, as well as the traditional favourites of Pork Carnitas, Beef Barbacoa, Chicken, Steak and Veggie.

Although Burritos will always be our most popular offering, we have Tacos, Quesadillas (a folded Tortilla), Salads, Nachos, Burrito Bowls and even Mexican soups all starting from £4.95. In addition we have a kids menu from £2.50 (high chairs available), a range of side dishes, and some delicious desserts.

Our homemade Mexican brownies, and our Churros with Dulce de Leche dipping sauce are to die for. The whole menu is available to eat in or take away and is made right before your eyes in a fast casual environment, ideal for those who want a high quality dining experience, in a shorter time window.

We will soon be extending our opening hours from 11am – 11pm currently, to 9am – 11pm from April when we launch our breakfast menu with a range of delicious breakfast Burritos.

In early 2013 we spent a tremendous amount of time sourcing only the best ingredients to ensure our recipes matched the high standards set in our North American operation, and we are happy this has been achieved. We source all our produce locally within Brighton and all our meats are both farm and quality assured from highly approved suppliers.

Is Mucho available for private hire?
Yes, we have 2 floors at Mucho Burrito with over 75 seats overall. Our stylish first floor is available for hire privately for parties of over 10, and we also have free WIFI on both floors making us a great location for breakfast or lunch corporate meetings.

Do you sell alcohol at Mucho? What is on offer?
We are licensed and have an offering of Mexican beers including Corona, Pacifico and Modello. We also offer Desperados for those looking for an extra kick, and a selection of wines with a range of cold alcoholic drinks coming for the summer months.

53/54 North St

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