AÏr – Why Lift And Slide Products Are The Future

From quirky and unusual architectural requirements, to designs for extreme locations, aïr doors are coveted by those with an eye for detail and a love of creativity.

Discreet and unobtrusive – aïr offers inspired solutions and boundless opportunities that will enrich any environment. Blending beauty and utility have long been the hallmarks of the most creative individuals of our time. aïr lift & slide doors are design classics that will stand the test of time.

Investing in a set of high-end doors is a once in a lifetime decision. Combining incredible form and function, aïr endures like all the best things in life.

aïr lift & slide doors feature aïrglide technology, ensuring smooth operation for years to come. Strong stainless steel rollers mean that huge panes of glass that weigh up to 300kg can be easily moved with just 2 fingers. No tugging, heaving, or pushing. Moving the doors is not a workout. They slide and glide effortlessly.

The extreme technology used to put together aïr doors means that the performance possibilities are immense. The refined lift & slide mechanism enables the sliding door to be safely locked in any position. A ‘floating corner’ option opens up a space like never before. No more obtrusive, ugly posts – just seamless, captivating views

Tested to the utmost extreme, aïr is precision-built to endure the most demanding environments and the harshest of weather. aïr lift & slide doors are tested to the extreme and can withstand gusts of up to 100mph. With sightlines from as little as 68mm, now you can enjoy captivating views without compromising performance. U-values start from just 1.38wm2k making aïr some of the most energy efficient aluminium doors available. aïr doors come with an impressive industry leading guarantee of 25 years.

aïrcoat paint finishes open up boundless design opportunities. aïrcoat is available in any RAL colour and comes with the option of a textured finish. With an impressive 60 microns of paint, aïrcoat is a durable, scratch resistant colour finish with rich tones. aïr lift & slide doors also feature Teflon® coated weather-seals to prevent dirt from sticking. A quick wipe with warm soapy water is all it takes to maintain a lovely, clean and impressively new feel for years to come.

As with all home improvements the finishing touches are what make it. Look no further than the luxurious range of Purity designer handles. Exposed to over 3000 hours of salt spray, Purity handles feature extreme corrosion resistance. A strong and durable alternative to stainless steel, these handles are coated with the same material used in spacecraft.

100% hypoallergenic, ecological and recyclable, Purity handles are durable and engineered for performance and will maintain their original state for years to come. The finishing does not require any galvanic chrome base to increase the wear resistance, yet the hardness is two to three times more durable than a normal treatment. The absence of galvanic chrome also creates deep metal colour tones.

aïr lift & slide aluminium doors offer exceptional weather, security, insulation and noise reduction capabilities that can stand years of daily use. Extreme testing, specialist engineering processes and inspired workmanship enables the timeless essence of our products to shine through in all conditions.

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