Alcotraz– London’s most controversial and now notorious prison-themed immersive cocktail experience is opens a new pop-up site in Brighton

This pioneering immersive cocktail experience, created by Inventive Productions, launched in London two years ago to rapturous applause. This unique and memorable experience has been thrilling audiences ever since and is regarded as one of London’s best alternative nights out.
Brighton’s Alcotraz Penitentiary Cell Block One Three: sits behind a mysterious, secretive door on Brighton’s Kings Road.  Guests – or more appropriately – inmates, will enter the notorious bar behind bars and will experience delicious cocktails that are created from smuggled liquor while encountering a collection of shady characters who bring to life a theatrical storyline.

The Alcotraz experience begins when a ticket is purchased. Inmates are given their own processing number and are instructed by Clyde Cassidy, once a notorious bootlegger, now running a liquor smuggling empire in the prison, to bring their liquor and covertly meet the Crooked Guard at the door to Alcotraz Penitentiary. Don’t expect to swap pleasantries with the Guard, code words and knowing looks are what’s required to commence your journey down to the secret basement of Cell Block One Three.
From here a clandestine game of cat and mouse commences as inmates attempt to smuggle their liquor into Alcotraz, out of sight and reach of The Warden. With orange prison jumpsuits on and mug shots taken, inmates are led to their cells and whilst they may hear the seagulls squawking and the waves crashing this doesn’t make it any easier to escape to the outside world.

The jails notorious bootlegging gang have turned the prison canteen into the perfect smuggling system and are ready to transform illicit liquor into bespoke, delicious contemporary and classic cocktails. Shaking up a storm, inmates will be treated to some of the best cocktails Brighton has to offer, prepared by the best bootleggers (AKA mixologists) in the business, which are covertly served in discrete containers to avoid suspicion from The Warden.

In recognition of the very different reality faced by people in prisons today, Alcotraz is also providing ongoing support to Switchback– an award-winning charity that enables young Londoners to find a way out of the justice system and build a stable and rewarding life. While Alcotraz invites guests to enter a world inspired by classic American film and TV, the experience will also help raise awareness of real-life issues and Switchback’s vitally important work. Alcotraz will also donate a percentage of all ticket sales to the charity.

Sam Shearman, creator of Alcotraz and founder of Inventive Productions said:“Our successful formula of imaginative storytelling, unbelievable cocktails and audience participation offers people a unique night out, that can’t be found elsewhere.  Brighton has an incredible nightlife scene, so where better for us to open our first bar outside London.”
Alcotraz Penitentiary: Cell Block One Three opens on Friday 25th October. Tickets cost £34.99 (including four cocktails from smuggled  liquor) and are available to buy at  It can accommodate up to 40 inmates at a time.

Alcotraz Penitentiary: Cell Block One Three is the fifth immersive cocktail experience from Inventive Productions. Other experiences include the Western-themed Moonshine Saloonand the piratical adventures of Pirates of the Hidden Spirit.