Contrary to Marylin’s iconic tune these ladies did not wish for Diamonds at Christmas. Not in the slightest bit shiny, too big to fit down a chimney and too restless to wrap these girls however received a gift they had always dreamed of – from a very special person.

Ashley Boyce and Lulu.

From boyfriend Darren.

My lovely boyfriend Darren bought me Lulu last year for Christmas (he was even more lovely after this gift)

She was originally supposed to be bought by a client, but they pulled out of the sale and Darren knew I thought she was special so agreed to buy her for me. She was bought from SES (Sussex Equestrian Sales) and highlights so far have been coming 10th in the Douglas Bunn 1.35m challenge in main ring at Hickstead in Sept. She has a long way to go but I know she is going to jump the speed derby at Hickstead one day and I am happy to be patient to wait until she is ready.

She is as brave as lion and has a heart of gold and I am so in love with her it’s unreal…..second of course to Darren 

Claire Young and Kodi

Bought for her by her boss – International Dressage Rider Amy Stovold

My lovely boss Amy Stovold bought Kodi for me nearly three years ago after I tragically had to have my last horse put to sleep. I had spent everything I had on vets bills and I had also had three months off work after an accident which fractured my spine, so I was facing quite a low Winter to be honest.

I wasn’t too sure on him at first – he was this gangly 3 year old with little to no coordination – but Amy knows me well and is gifted when it comes to matching rider to horse and I am so glad I put my faith in her. Kodi brings me joy every single day and (whilst competing has been limited during lockdown) I am so excited about our future together.

Jess Godman and Ella.

Bought by husband James.

It sounds cliché I know but Ella really is all I have ever hoped and dreamed of.

I went to view another horse with Ashley (who sourced her for me) and she was completely unsuitable – but whilst on the yard Ashley spied Ella. She was too young and too big and too pricey for me but when I sat on her I just felt safe. I went home and told my husband that I had found this incredible horse and unbeknown he did the deal and bought her for me!

She is my world, and I am so incredibly grateful for her. She pushes me to take risks I thought were now beyond me and I am now competing and riding out with my daughter – both of which I feel lucky for on a daily basis.

Tanisha and Don

Bought for Tanisha by her parents

Don was bought for me as an early Christmas present by my Mum and Dad and has been the best present anyone has ever bought me!

He came from Henry Turrell who bought him over from Holland/Belgium and I bought him as a very green five-year-old. It was honestly love at first sight and he is my rock.