Allison Jeffery – The Queen of Lips

At a cocktail-filled Saturday lunch with friends the subject of designer lips came up. One friend told us that a colleague of hers had done a treatment called Designer Lips which resulted in fuller, beautifully shaped and natural looking lips.

She added, “We have designer handbags, why not get designer lips?” I decided to try it myself as I’ve always wanted fuller lips but in the past I’ve been scared that they were going to look fake.

I did some research and found out that the clinic to perform the procedure in Sussex was Allison Jeffery Skin Health Clinic in Westdene. I was assured that Allison is an artist when it comes to lips and that I would be in good hands. So I called the clinic and booked an appointment.

I arrived at the clinic a week later and was impressed by the clean and modern look of the practice. Allison and her team greeted me with a smile when I came in and I was shown to a treatment room.

I was talked through the procedure before Allison worked her magic on my lips. All in all it took about an hour and I felt very comfortable and taken care of throughout.

Following the procedure my lips began to bruise slightly but after using Arnica cream and tablets the swelling disappeared rapidly and I’m left with a beautiful pout I’m proud to show off.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the result and as my friend’s colleague said, Allison Jeffery is an artist, although I prefer to call her The Queen Of Lips.


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