Alphonse Island-a Seychelles Paradise

Alphonse Island-a Seychelles Paradise

115 islands form part of the Seychelles and each one is truly unique in its environment, topography, and location. These islands are renowned for their natural beauty and the wildlife that inhabits them. Part of experiential travel company, Blue Safari Seychelles and located 400km southwest of the mainland of Mahé,lies the untouched Eden that is Alphonse Island. Part of the Alphonse Group of Islands, which also comprise St Francois and Bijoutier, this pristine, natural paradise is considered one of the purest natural idylls in the world.Alphonse Island is blessed with one of the world’s healthiestclimates and gorgeous, consistent weather.

Alphonse offers guestsyear-round summer days with temperatures seldom dropping below 22°C.Beautiful white beaches line the edges of tropical forests, surrounded by miles of unblemished shorelines, lagoons, sea flats andprotected coral reefs,home to the vast array of wildlife that existsinthis ecosystem.Alphonse Island is truly unlike any other island in the Seychelles.Just 7°South of the equator,accommodation is simplified barefoot luxury.

With two four-bedroomed Beach Villas, five Beach Suites,and 22 Beach Bungalows, all have been decorated in hues that complement the natural surroundings and all have outdoor showers and are just steps from the beach. With three accommodation choices,there is something for groups of friends, families, multi-generational families, as well as smaller families and couples to enjoy.

Alphonse Island encourages its guests to spend as much of their time aspossiblediscovering all the island offers. Due toits size and remote location, Alphonse Island is free fromthe influx oftourism that is often present at resorts.Guestscan explore the island by bike andencounter the array of wildlife that inhabits the island on land as well as discoveringthe marine life by scuba diving or snorkelling.

The experiences arethe true luxury of Alphonse Island and are authentic and cannot be encountered anywhere else in the Seychelles. and marvel at the pristineGuests of Alphonse Island canexperience the fascinating marine environment on a first-hand basis asthey swim in the Indian Ocean and encountershoals of assorted, vibrantly coloured fish of varying species: greenand hawksbill turtles, spinner dolphins,and humpback whales,all intheir natural environment.

Swimming with sailfish and manta rays is anunforgettable experience, like no other.An encounter with theseanimals in theirhabitat is an incredible and unforgettable experience,whether seen from a boat, from the shore,or in the Indian Ocean itself.Be amazed as they flash through the crystal waters and witness thesecraniate animals in their environment. These unique experiences make Alphonse Island nothing short ofspectacular.

Alphonse Island Dive Centre offersa full range of PADI courses from Discover Scuba diving to Divemaster.The PADI-certified dive centre caters tochildren, whocan experience their first foray into the underwater world from nineyears old by completing a Bubble Maker course.It also offers exclusive divesto families where children from the age of eightcan experience the wondersof scuba diving with their parents.34 dive sites that surround Alphonse Island, all of which areeasily reached in under 30 minutes on comfortable purpose-built diveboats.

Manta raysand squadrons of Eagle rays, the‘Wolf Pack’ of hundreds of Bluefin trevally and associates patrolling oreven attacking prey on the reefcan be seen.Groups of Bumphead parrotfish, schoolsof batfish numbering in the hundreds as well as interesting animalbehavioursuch as nesting triggerfishcan be viewed.

Aquatic adventures at Alphonse Island are not limited to below thewater. Kayaks are a perfect and non-intrusive way to get up close toturtles and rays around the flats. Choose between a guided tour by nature expertswho will point out seabirds and spot fishermen’s delights such asbonefish, permit,and triggerfish,or explore the island at your own pace. Kayaks are readily available for gueststouseand a picnic basket can be organisedto choose a spot for a secluded meal.

Setsail into the Alphonse Lagoon on one of the luxury boats, ready to salute thesetting sun with a cocktail or beer from the onboard bar. This is an exceptional way to view the island from a different perspective as the sun sets, providing an incredible backdrop. It’s not just the resort, the diving opportunities, the thrillingactivities,and the weather that makes Alphonse Island so spectacular.

Add in the terrain, the techniques, the season,and the species diversityand you have an incredible mix, custom-made for fly fishing. On theterrain front, fly fishing in the Alphonse Atoll sets itself apart dueto the largely land-based approach it offers. While blue-water,boat-based fishing is available to anglers, the main draw these atollsholds is for the angler to be able to target challenging species onfoot. In line with its environmental ethos and practices, a strict catch and release system is in operation.

Saltwater fly-fishing destinations in many parts of theworldare boat-based, the Alphonse Atoll stands apart because of theopportunities it gives anglers: to wading in shallow, warm water on hardwhite sand and turtle grass, on coral flats to discover a plethoraof exciting new species. It’s the opportunity to cast at behemoth giant trevally or shoals of bonefish inthe same knee-deep water you are standing in, is not something many flyanglers who are accustomed to boat-based fishing, will ever forget.

The Island Conservation Society (ICS) team offers activities enabling guests to connect with the natural environment and surroundingswhilst respecting it. By assisting the ICS, guestsgain awider understanding of the ecology and ecosystemsthat exist on Alphonse, StFrançois,and Bijoutier,and the importance of their work and how itgreatly affects the islands.As part of the guided walks and the NativeVegetation Restoration project, guests can choose to plant an endemictree. Swimming with–and photographing –Manta Rays, is a particularlymagical ocean experience, which helps capture important data aboutindividual specimens and their movements. These islands provide

important nesting grounds for our endemic Hawksbill and Green turtles;the turtle patrol and tracking project provides important insights intothe population numbers and their movement, which helps the team protectthem.With days filled with adventures on land, in or above the shimmeringwaters of the Indian Ocean, relax at the central dining and bar area, asthe sun slowly dips into the ocean and melts away, signallingthe end ofanother day in paradise.

Menus are created from freshly caughtfish, and grilled meats and 65% of the fruits and vegetables served are grown on the island’s farm.Combining the influences of local Seychellois Creole andFrench cuisine, dishes are inspired from all corners of the IndianOcean.In addition to the restaurant, private dining can be arranged to allowguests to enjoy meals on a special spot on the beach, or alongside the pool.

The idyllic, pristine,and picture-perfect paradise that is AlphonseIsland is the definitive wedding destination.Alphonse Island has afull license for weddings and the talented team of staff canarrange every detail from providing the registrar to working with thebride and groom to create delicious menus, signature cocktails andcanapés, as well as arranging tropical flowers and fantastic music.Each detail is carefully considered to create an unforgettablewedding in paradise.For those who seekexclusivity, Alphonse Island can be hired in its entirety-the ultimatewedding venue!Exceptional experiences last a lifetime.

They are stories that peopletell people with enthusiasm, passion,and love, they are memories thatcan never be erased.Alphonse Island is a sanctuary for the senses, adiscovery for the mind, and food for the soul.It is a place where guestsare at one with the environment, where peace and tranquillity reign.Itis a destination like no other, it is paradise perfected and thisenchanting island is just waiting to be explored!For more information, please visit