Alphonse Island is unlike any other island in the Seychelles

Alphonse Island is unlike any other island in the Seychelles

As the world becomes more accessible, people are shunning commercialised hotels, resorts and destinations and seeking remote, privately owned, unique properties in unspoiled locations.  Alphonse Island is unlike any other island in the Seychelles.  In an era where we are digitally connected more than ever and in many cases, beholden to a technological device, Alphonse Island has purposefully created a tranquil paradise where interconnectivity is replaced with the connectivity to the pristine, unspoiled, environment and friends, family and loved ones.  The ancient art of conversation is rediscovered and listening to one another becomes a joy and is undisrupted.  The sounds of email notifications are replaced with laughter, the sound of the ocean as the waves gently break on the shoreline and the birdsong in the trees.

Located 400km from the mainland of Mahé and 7 °South of the equator, Alphonse Island is accessible only by plane.  Accommodation is 22 Beach Bungalows and five beach suites with private plunge pools, all with direct beach access and panoramic, uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean, with each decorated in hues and colours that reflect the natural environment of the island.  Unlike many hotels and resorts, Alphonse Island encourages its guests to spend as much of their time as possible out of their room and discovering all the island offers.  All Beach Bungalows and Beach Suites come with their own bicycles and with no cars on the island, a bike is the preferred mode of island transportation.  Alphonse Island provides bike seats for babies and toddlers as well as smaller bikes for children.

Keen for guests to absorb themselves in the island lifestyle, Alphonse Island has its own vegetable garden.  Plump figs, crunchy cucumbers, golden ears of corn, fragrant melons, and firm tomatoes are all grown from scratch.  Guests can visit the garden and choose from a wide range of fresh produce and make their own delicious smoothie.  Dining on Alphonse is an experience.  Beach BBQ’s, flats lunches, plated dinners and exquisite buffets are available.  Freshly caught fish features on the menu.  Cuisine is influenced by the Creole culture of the Seychelles and is delicious, healthy and wholesome.  Private picnics, breakfasts, lunches and dinners can be arranged upon request.

For those who prefer to relax, Azure Spa is a small, yet perfect tranquil haven in paradise.  Azure Spa uses Yi-King organic products originating from the Seychelles, each essential oil blend is tailored to your needs and determined by your date of birth.  Inspired by the island, many treatments including massages, facials and scrubs using moisturizing coconut oil, warming vanilla oil, relaxing lavender oil, soothing chamomile and invigorating grapefruit oil.  Each oil benefits the body in a variety of ways, be it to relax, revive or rejuvenate the body.  Manicures, pedicures and waxing treatments are also available.

The malaria-free environment is perfect for families. Blue Safari Seychelles has been thoughtfully designed with children of all ages in mind, and WiFi hardly exists, enabling connectivity to electronic devices to be replaced with interconnectivity to others and family members! Alphonse Island has introduced a new Alphonse Tribe package which lets children get involved in this spectacular island paradise and learn about the aquatic environment whilst snorkelling or roaming the island looking for giant tortoises (there are plenty to find!). Children love the conservation walks with the island environmentalists and discovering ghost crabs on the beach, as well as seeing shoals of brightly coloured fish swim in the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean that fringe the beaches. Environmentalists take children of all ages on island walks, where Alphonse Tribe members can monitor turtle tracks and discover the reefs and their eco-systems.

The waters surrounding Alphonse Island are outstanding for both diving and snorkkelling.  The PADI certified dive centre at Alphonse Island caters for children, who can experience their first foray into the underwater world from nine years old by completing a Bubble Maker course. It also offers exclusive dives to families where children from the age of eight can experience the wonders of scuba diving with their parents whilst diving with an instructor. Alphonse Island Dive Centre offers a full range of PADI courses from Discover Scuba diving to Divemaster. There are 34 dive sites surround Alphonse Island, all of which are easily reached in under 30 minutes on comfortable purpose-built dive boats. For those who do not wish to dive the depths of the Indian Ocean, Alphonse Island offers guests the opportunity to view the magnificent array of aquatic life in a variety of ways, with daily snorkelling boat trips, kayak excursions and stand up paddle-boarding. Alphonse Island also offers freediving courses, freediving is the fastest growing water-sport in the world. Alphonse Island offers an introduction to this fantastic, new diving experience and also offers courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced freedivers with one of its own certified and qualified instructors. Proving that surfing is not just limited to the famed and renowned destinations of California and Hawaii, Alphonse Island also provides guests with the opportunity to catch waves and radically ride the Indian Ocean!

Diving into the warm tropical waters of Alphonse Island reveals a vibrant array of coral and fish as far as the eye can see.  Forests of giant gorgonian sea fans, sea whips and black corals can be viewed along the precipitous drop-off and the incredible hard coral formations on the plateau are a magnificent sight to behold! The large numbers and sizes of fishes are what make diving at Alphonse Island particularly special.

The unique experiences that cannot be encountered anywhere else in the Seychelles, is what positions Alphonse Island in a league of their own!  Sail across the sparkling Indian Ocean in a catamaran to the St Francois Flats, beyond the uninhabited island of St Francois and encounter one of the most magical and extraordinary lunch venues.  Dazzling white sand, surrounded by sapphire blue waters and the expanse of the sky above is simply breathtaking.  Feast on a selection of grilled meats, fish and delicious salads.

On land, discover the flora and fauna that inhabit Alphonse on a guided bike tour with an expert conservationist, feed the giant tortoises that freely roam the island, wade out onto the surrounding flats and see the array of wildlife that exist in this ecosystem.

When based on Alphonse Island, a whole array of adventures and opportunities for exploration are available to guests, due to the island’s unique positioning as a base from which to visit the most remote and pristine outer islands of the Seychelles the Alphonse Group of Islands.

Based on the island, Blue Safari Seychelles is a company that not only takes you on a journey like no other to these mysterious islands with their revolutionised experiential travel, but also protects and conserves their ecosystems.