Amarula launches Amarula Vanilla Spice, a new premium cream liqueur with warm vanilla and complex spices, making for the perfect Christmas gift

for anyone that enjoys an indulgent treat.

Introducing Amarula Vanilla Spice, a new premium cream liqueur from Amarula. Amarula Vanilla Spice is made from ethically sourced, uniquely African ingredients – distilled Marula spirit, vanilla extract from Madagascar, and a Nigerian Ginger root, all expertly blended with the finest quality cream for an indulgent taste sensation that will be a big hit at the Christmas dinner table or party. The hints of spice combine perfectly with the subtle notes of vanilla and the exotic, natural Marula fruit for a rich and smooth taste.


The creamy vanilla and complex spicy notes in Amarula Vanilla Spice come from the Madagascan Vanilla extract combined with Nigerian Ginger extract, and other naturally sweet spices. The Nigerian Ginger Root is best known for its strong, spicy flavour which brings the liqueur’s African heritage to life. The Bourbon Vanilla extract has a powerful, rich and very long-lasting note of fresh, ripe vanilla beans with a sweet and spicy background. This mix of warm spices delivers a beautifully smooth Spiced Vanilla finish.


Perfect serve

Amarula Vanilla Spice is best served chilled over ice to let the potent and complex flavours speak for themselves. However, this versatile liqueur can also add a lift to hot drinks, coffees and milky lattes, can be used to elevate an array of desserts, or added to Don Pedro for an indulgent treat. Make Amarula Vanilla Spice a Christmas gift for someone special.

Where to buy

Amarula Vanilla Spice is available in 70cl from the following outlets:


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