Amidst the Lockdown, this South London Plumbing & Heating Company Introduced a Revolutionary New Digital Diagnostics Services

Their customers responded with a whopping rise in demand.

Plumr, a South London-based plumbing and boiler service company, recently introduced a new video quoting service to their customers looking for a new boiler, which resulted in an overwhelming demand for this novel service option during the lockdown.

Under the Covid-19 lockdown many Brits were forced to figure out new ways of dealing with every-day house issues, difficult in a time when they weren’t allowed to leave their house, nor could they invite services in to help. Questions quickly arose: Were plumbers allowed to work during the lockdown? How could home issues be solved while maintaining Covid safety protocol? The Plumr team formulated a new response to these lockdown concerns.

“We already knew that there was customer demand for virtual price quoting services even before the lockdown began,” – says Connie Maher, Co-Founder at Plumr. “However, it took until we all were stuck at home that the virtual consultation service really came into its own.”

Plumr’s virtual diagnostics service was launched earlier this year to give easier access to boiler servicing and installation. Based simply on a video call, Plumr engineers can provide a fixed price estimate and some initial advice to the customer- at a convenient time and from the comfort of home. This service not only helps customers better understand the pricing and the process for the work, but it also saves their time. There is no waiting for a plumber to show up at their door and only then begin the analytics of the issue. Once the lockdown started, this new virtual diagnostics service option became one of the most requested services.

“People in London work crazy hours and don’t want to waste time waiting for services to show up and give a quote,” – shares Mickey Mongiovi, Plumr Co-Founder: “Giving them the option to get a fixed price estimate immediately became one of the most popular and successful services here at Plumr.”

Through this virtual consultation with Plumr, customers can obtain fixed price estimates for services as boiler and central heating installation, boiler servicing, and more. Consult Plumr’s official website for the entire list of services.