Amstar Europet A Business Profile

Amstar Europet A Business Profile

Amstar Europet is an international pet transport company and a family run business that sees three generations working together to provide a safe and stress-free journey for your furry friends.

Amstar started transporting pets and rescues four years ago. The family had taken our dogs on a trip with them and on the return decided on taking a ferry part way. The journey being around eleven hours meant that Amber, Charlie and Trigger had to go into kennels on board which were situated

on the car deck. Although they had their blankets and bedding it was very clear the next morning that the journey had been extremely stressful and all three couldn’t wait to be back with their owners in the familiar comfort of the car. The family  spent the rest of the drive through France and Spain forming the idea of providing comfortable, far less stressful transport for all the other beloved pets that were relocating or holidaying with their families in Europe.

After looking around for a suitable vehicle they found a Mercedes Sprinter van which had already been converted for transporting pets. The vehicle had 18 cages including two larger ones which eventually went on to carry at least three Mastin Espanol or Spanish Mastiffs which are the most

beautiful but huge dogs, each of them were rescues and all made it to their new homes in the UK happily and comfortable. They then had their Mercedes Vito converted and that provided an extra  eight cages as the company started to become more well known.

In the beginning Amstar Europet we were transporting people’s pets, dogs and cats relocating or taking extended holidays in Spain and the UK. It was abundantly clear from the start that all of the families looking for transport for their much loved pets considered them very much a part of

their family and wanted to know that they would be cared for and treated as they would be by themselves. In situations where maybe the pet was older and perhaps had a certain diet or important medication the family wanted reassurance that this would be adhered to on the journey.

Something the team are happy to provide. Owners also wanted to make sure that their pets had the comfort of their own blankets and favourite toys to make the journey a happier one, again this is never a problem. The team will gladly do as much as they can to ensure a safe stress free journey for all of their passengers.

Although as an anxious owner you of course will worry about your beloved pets while in transit it may help to be reassured that once the door closes and the journey begins, they all go off to sleep. They are woken when the van stops for the regular four hourly break when each of the dogs will be walked in turn and offered water during the day. It is worth noting though that your pet, whether it’s a dog or cat, will probably not want food on the first day as their stomachs settle on the journey. Usually most will eat a light meal on the second evening as they are more relaxed by then.

Amstar Europet provide a service that is door to door, so your gorgeous pets are collected from you, cared for by the dedicated team and delivered to the destination home address. Amstar doesn’t only transport pets but also welcome rescues as well that are being re-homed with either foster or hopefully their forever families. This is without doubt one of the reasons that Amstar Europet continue to love their job! There is nothing so rewarding as collecting rescues from the wonderful centres and people that have cared for them and watching them transform along the journey. The team have had many a frightened and nervous little boy and girl on board over the years and with each stop and each walk you see them becoming more used to you and more trusting. Unfortunately many of these poor little souls have been abandoned, abused and starved so to be shown continued love is something they desperately need but are nervous of accepting in the beginning. This is

where the fantastic, caring people at the rescues with all of their volunteers that come to help walk them begin that journey, before Amstar Europet even meet them. Taking rescues on the journey to their new homes is a wonderful privilege and seeing them off at the end pulls on the heart strings, as

you can imagine they are used to the team by then and not always keen to leave. However when you see the lovely people ready to take these poor animals into their homes and give them the much needed loving family environment they deserve, you can’t help but smile. The happiness and

excitement at the arrival of their new pet is a delight to see.

Amstar Europet have worked with several Rescue centres. Dog Planet in Cadiz, Paws for the Cause in Almeria, Tail Association in Torrox Costa are some of the wonderful people involved in rescue in Spain. But we need to mention the fabulous people that receive and home many of these rescues

in the UK; the brilliant Chimney Farm in Guildford that the team have had the pleasure of dropping many dogs to over time. Amstar Europet actually bought an almost full van load of beds in many sizes, bags and bags of dog food, blankets and so much more that Chimney Farm had collected to send back to Spain to help the rescue in Torrox.

Amstar has had to take a step back for the last year because of illness, but with the help of family and friends are extremely happy to be ready to finally resume their journey. Taking your much loved pets, old and young safely to their destinations. Rescues to their new families and a loving home.

Amstar are continuously grateful to all of their previous customers for choosing them to care for all of their wonderful pets and look forward to meeting lots of new customers and their furry friends

very soon!

Amstar Europet is the name for the pet transport branch of A S Williams Haulage Ltd. A S Williams Haulage Ltd holds the DEFRA Type 2 Licence to carry dogs and cats within Europe over twelve hour journeys. Our Pet transport has been inspected and certified fit for purpose by the Freight Transport

Association (FTA) in accordance with the Welfare in Transport Regulation 1/2005.