An immersive dining experience which transports you into an imaginative world like no other, Le Petit Chef may be small but he has so much to offer.

An immersive dining experience which transports you into an imaginative world like no other, Le Petit Chef may be small but he has so much to offer.

This phenomenon far exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend this gourmet extravaganza! The relationship between Le Petit Chef and the Hilton Brighton Metropole is the ideal fusion of comic coordinated animation and a sumptuous and elegant fine dining experience. It was wonderful to see how “1980 at the Met” had adjusted to the particulars of this event and how expertly hidden the technology was to ensure that it didn’t detract from the stunning interior architecture. We were given a warm welcome with a glass of champagne, and a fantastic photo opportunity at the restaurants entrance.

The management team introduced themselves to all guests prior to their official address. The waiting staff were attentive, courteous, and made sure that we were perfectly catered for. Le Petit Chef was presented by the evening’s host, Mr David Hill once all guests had been seated at their tables. The host made sure we were completely engrossed in the story from beginning to end, giving us one of the most memorable and entertaining dining experiences which was full of surprises. The timing of the food service was flawless, and our meals were served immediately after the spectacular animation was over.

Le Petit Chef took us on a 5-course adventure from Marseilles to China. At the beginning of each meal, the host introduced a specially made wine that was perfectly suited to each dish. The projections really caught our attention, from the exquisitely created garden setting for our Burrata plate to Le Petit Chef whisking us out on a Jet Ski to catch the fish for our Bouillabaisse. We were enthralled and amused by this clever animation. A beautifully flavourful Chicken and Wild Mushroom Terrine was served as our third course, the ideal portion to satisfy our appetites whilst keeping us anticipating the final savoury dish.

With each dish, the animations were precisely timed. For the Terrine, we were taken to the Loire Valley’s outstanding, wild and enchanting woodland, where Le Petit Chef was rumoured to be camped out. The most delicious Slow-Braised Beef Cheek was presented to us as the 4th course. It was accompanied with roasted vegetables and a very rich red wine sauce, served to perfection. Last but not least, the dessert did not disappoint! Le Petit Chef developed a beautifully presented Mandarin Crème Brulee in which 3D camels and fire-breathing dragons emerged from the 3D plate. This was a magnificent illusion, and the dessert was delicious. At the closing of the final course the sea of tables turned into an entire audience clapping as if it was the end of a theatre production.

What a truly breathtaking experience, I look forward to the next UK opening and would highly recommend Le Petit Chef for a thoroughly enjoyable, unique and entertaining dining experience – one I will never forget!