Apple in talks to buy Intel’s 5G modem business for $1 billion 

Apple in talks to buy Intel’s 5G modem business for $1 billion

There is some really exciting news coming that involves Apple and Intel. The news will excite some Apple users who love or use 5G.

The Wall Street Journal has just reported that Apple is in talks to buy an abandoned smartphone modem from Intel for $1 billion. It’s reported that the deal could actually close next week.

In April, Intel announced that it was leaving the 5G mobile modem business. According to a blog found on talking about gambling and sports betting software, this was after Apple had entered a deal with Qualcomm which saw it using modems from Qualcomm. Bob Swan, who is the CEO of Intel, clarified that it was because of Apple’s settlement with Qualcomm that they were abandoning the modem business. This is because they didn’t see how Intel could stay in business without Apple as their customer.

At that time, Apple had ditched Intel because the company could not provide the iPhone with a 5G modem within a timeframe required by Apple to release its 5G-ready phones. This is what forced Apple to reconcile with Qualcomm. Intel then started to search for a buyer for its modem business. Prior to that, Intel was the only company that provided Apple with third-party modems. This made Apple Intel’s biggest customer as Android mostly uses Qualcomm and in-house solutions.

Most smartphone users love playing their favourite online casino games using 5G phones because they are fast and connection speeds are lightning fast. Because of that, Apple has made a lot of sales from the production of 5G phones.

Although Apple reached a settlement with Qualcomm, the company was said to be working on developing its own modems. This came as no surprise as Apple is known to be too controlling. Also, Apple had also already started developing its own internal CPU platform. This technology is what brought about Apples’ devices A-series chipsets.

We predict that adding Intel 5G chips on iPhones will speed up the process. Furthermore, it will give Apple the chance to operate independently from third party modems.