May Music News

Dark Horses set to release album
The Brighton-based outfit Dark Horses are set to release their second album Hail Lucid State in May. With praise coming from the likes of Noel Gallagher, the band have also announced their first European tour, hitting all the major European cities, to coincide with their album release.

Phantom Runners release single
The rising four-piece hailing from Brighton released their new single Chasing the Feeling on April 23rd. Singer, guitarist and writer of the tracks Adam Al-Hilali explains the song’s inspiration: “We were by the Stone Circle at Glastonbury one year and it got to about eight in the morning after a heavy night and my brother was still in search of something to keep the party going and I just called out to him to give it a rest… You’re chasing the feeling.”

Spit Shake Sisters single release
Brighton band Spit Shake Sisters have released a new single titled Jesus is a Homewrecker through Teen Creeps. The garage/psych rock trio’s four minute track is thrilling throughout and will be played at Camden Crawl in June following the announcement they will be performing for the Teen Creeps Stage.

Becky Becky set album release date
While it seemed like it may never arrive, Becky Becky are set to release their first album Good Morning, Midnight on May 26th through FEINT Records. The Brighton-based electro-synth-pop duo’s album will follow the release of their recent single Fire & Wings, which narrates the end of an alcohol-fuelled evening in Europe.

Great Escape Festival confirm final 100 acts
The new music festival that takes place in Brighton from 8th-10th May has announced the final 100 acts to perform at this year’s TGE. Some of the latest performers include stadium rapper Example as well as The Subways, Blizzard, Annie Eve, Jungle Doctors, God Damn, Luke Howard and Looks.

PRYZM Nightclub to replace Oceana
The Luminar Group are investing £1million in developing Oceana nightclub into its fourth PRYZM club. The modern club will feature three distinctly styled dance arenas and VIP areas when it opens on May 9th, following the opening of PRYZM clubs in Leeds, Bristol and Kingston upon Thames.