Are Budget Tyres Worth Getting?

Are Budget Tyres Worth Getting?

The short answer to this question is: yes, they are. But there are a few minor provisos and exceptions to take into account, so let us take a look at the question in a bit more depth and see just when and where budget tyres are not worth buying before looking at the much more positive scenario, which is that budget tyres are, indeed, worth getting.

The Nos

If you live in an area that suffers very poor weather or has rough or poorly maintained roads, then you might be better off investing in better quality tyres. This is not because budget tyres cannot cope with these conditions, it is merely that budget tyres might wear out earlier than you might be happy with if consistently exposed to poor terrain! Also, if you tend to drive fairly fast most of the time, or are a bit heavy-handed on your car, then higher quality tyres will last better than the slightly softer budget tyres.

For the Daily Commute?

If you live in a reasonably well-maintained area, you will be able to use budget tyres without any issues at all. If you live, work and do the school run all within just a few miles, then budget tyres are all you need, and will last well, representing a good financial saving and a sensible decision on your part.

Perfectly Safe

Today’s world is somewhat hemmed around with bureaucratic tape – sometimes to an irritating degree, sometimes for our own protection and safety, and the world of tyre manufacturing is no different! Tyres are expected to be of a certain standard, no matter how cheaply they are made, so your car should never be fitted with tyres that will fail too rapidly, not be fit for purpose, or that will actually endanger you.

Decent Quality

And the final point leads in from the paragraph above: just as there are certain standards expected of the tyre’s safety, so too are there expectations of the tyres’ basic quality. It might not be as high a quality as premium tyres, but budget tyres should always be fit for purpose.

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