Arm & Hammer™ Natural Clean + White™ 

 Arm & Hammer™ Natural Clean + White 

We crave the exceptional in all aspects of our lives so why is your toothpaste any different? Arm & Hammer™ has expanded their family to bring you another exceptional formula; Arm & Hammer Natural Clean + White ™ toothpaste. 

The leading providers of baking soda for over 160 years; Arm & Hammer™ toothpaste includes, Baking Soda, the low abrasive superhero ingredient from natural origins championed by dentists and hygienists nationwide. Arm & Hammer Natural Clean + White ™ takes brushing up a notch. This vegan friendly formula combines natural extracts of clean mint with pure grade Baking Soda, for a deep clean and long-lasting freshness. 

The Baking Soda Lowdown 

The key ingredient in all Arm & Hammer™ toothpastes, ingeniously encourages your own saliva to work immediately on potentially enamel damaging acids. This reaches parts of the mouth that brushing alone simply cannot reach, leaving you with a healthier, cleaner and brighter smile. You can do better with Baking Soda. 

Key Benefits of Arm & Hammer Natural Clean + White ™ toothpaste: 

95% Ingredients from Natural Origins. 

• Natural Whitening Power of Baking Soda 

Whitening results within 5 days 

3 breath freshening ingredients for long lasting freshness 

Maintain healthy teeth and gums *with regular brushing 

• Preservative Free 

• Vegan Friendly 

Why settle, experience the exceptional with Arm & Hammer Natural Clean + White ™ toothpaste. 

Arm & Hammer Natural Clean + White™ Toothpaste 

Boots from February & Superdrug from March. RRP £3.00 (At retailers’ discretion)