Ask Balmain: five odd pieces of clothing that will rule the upcoming Autumn

Ask Balmain: five odd pieces of clothing that will rule the upcoming Autumn

Through the years – especially during the last decade – Balmain has imposed its name as one of the most original, daring, and reckless fashion brands ever. Currently, it could be considered the frontrunner and, at the same time, kind of a “noble father” (it’s worth recalling that Balmain was founded in Paris in 1945), of a new wave of “heretics”, a bunch of brands that seem to share the same goal: to redefine the rules – both aesthetic and productive – of fashion industry, defying the conventions and the contemporary canons of beauty. Maisons like Conner Ives, Dauphinette and Diotima have clearly taken inspiration from the provocative, sometimes revolutionary creations branded Balmain.

Nonetheless, despite an increasing competition, the French fashion house remains an essential reference point for those who love to challenge the tradition and find a new way to express themselves through a peculiar clothing choice. The aim is clear: create a new style, something that now appears alternative, even clandestine, in the fashion business, but which will become a new mainstream by the next years. Clearly, such an ambitious project needs something solid to hold onto: new creations, new collections, new ideas, always marked by the will to overcome the stereotypes. That’s why Balmain is particularly prolific, when it comes with new issues. Here’s below some of the brand’s most recent creations, probably the most attractive ones for the cold season.

1.     The entire Pokémon collection. We couldn’t avoid starting this rapid roundup with this series of garments which are already, in their entirety, a real challenge. A true gauntlet thrown down at the haute couture lovers and, at the same time, at the dozens of millions of Pikachu and Company fans all over the world. The overall operation could be taken as a “blasphemy” by both groups: quite the opposite, the underlying idea was to create a sort of iconography able to turn a notorious piece of pop (sub)culture into a piece of contemporary art. The collection tends to privilege the male customers, but the girls have their share as well. Who knows what Satoshi Tajiri – the original creator of the Pokémon world – will think about that…

2.     Red quilted chenille velvet Ulla sandals. “Visionary” is the first world we can relate to this unbelievable pair of women’s shoes: a sandal on high heels that aims to keep feet uncovered and warm at the same time. With a flushing red homogeneous tone that further underlines that under no circumstances they will go unnoticed.

3.     Tweed jacket. The optical, kaleidoscopic effects of this garment speak by itself. Moreover, there is tweed: it takes courage to recover a tissue that has give its best for the last time more than seventy years ago, and make it the cornerstone of a new declination of the word “elegance”.

4.     Cropped knit sweater. A hybrid solution between a comfy sweater and a provocative crop top. Once again, the aim is to keep as much skin as possible uncovered, still keeping warm the rest of the body at the same time.

5.     The “small-sized faux leather 1945 soft bag” collection, delivered in the most unlikely fluo colors. Forget black or any other kind of gloomy shade. For Balmain, leather (real or faux, it doesn’t matter) has to be pink, lemon yellow, pale green. Nothing better to give autumn and winter a vibrant boost of color.