Six Senses is bringing the spa to everyone at home with free virtual content including live guided meditations, tricks for getting a good night’s sleep and healthy recipes to boost and support the immune system

Wellness is one of Six Senses core values and is celebrated in many different ways across the hotels, resorts and spas. As travel bans and social distancing measures are imposed, Six Senses is compiling a range of content that guests, hosts and global communities can access remotely. At Home With Six Senses will offer solution-oriented wellness to support individual’s resilience as well as physical and mental well-being during this difficult time. The content is available to everyone, regardless of whether they have ever stayed at a Six Senses and is structured around the brand’s key wellness pillars, including:

Mindfulness – helping people through sharing techniques aimed at preventing worry that can’t be controlled and focusing on the present moment, whether that is setting up a home working environment or staying grounded

Eat – sharing recipes and how-to tutorials focusing on foods with key nutrients to support the immune system, reduce stress and improve sleep

Sleep – bedtime breathing rituals which help establish a good sleep routine, learning which dosha types impact sleep and other handy tricks to improve sleep quality

Move – at-home workouts, live meditation and yoga, as well as tips for boosting energy and releasing pent-up energy when working from home

Live Naturally – life hacks for being more sustainable at home and making the most of whatever nature is available around you

Connect – how to stay connected to reduce anxiety and loneliness and checking in with others in the community around you, especially the more vulnerable

These tips and tricks will be released over the next few weeks on Six Senses Facebook and Instagram pages. Guests in house at Six Senses Resorts can take advantage of two new wellness journeys for those who wish to boost their immune system and maintain a positive mindset through meditation, spending time in nature, vitamins and nutrients as well as selected therapies.

Follow @SixSenses and @SixSensesSpas to take advantage of At Home With Six Senses. The schedule will be updated on a weekly basis