Authentic Desi Indian Food at Azaro Hove

Azaro are super ecstatic and proud to bring the people of Brighton and Hove real authentic “Desi” Indian “Feel Good Food” prepared and served as you would find in any in traditional Indian kitchen.

They opened for business just over a year and a half ago and in that short space of time they have claimed a truly unique position and identified a niche in the market which will rejuvenate the traditional minded Indian Curry houses and street food concept forever.

They appreciate that as a nation there are no people more serious about Indian Food outside of India than we are, here in the United Kingdom.

Indian cuisine is still regarded as their national dish today, and at Azaro they feel they can take this a step further for the benefit of their diners and ensure that they take ownership of this, so it remains their national dish for many years to come….

Their menu is fresh & simple and takes their guests on a gastronomic journey through India by offering dishes from the diverse regions of the country. India is more a continent than a country and has so much more to offer than Thali’s and street food.

From Goa, Kerala, Hyderabad, Maharashtra and as far as the Kashmiri mountains, based on credible market research and the conducting of numerous focus groups with the local councils Azaro has identified that people want to eat “Real” food and not the British enhanced version, hence the reason why they have gone back to basics and ensured each one of their dishes are prepared using only the finest ingredients, but are also presented and cooked in the traditional method as it has been done for many many years in India.

One great example of this is their signature Hyderabadi Dhum Biryani which is made with the finest Indian Basmati rice, traditional herbs, spices and then covered with a flour dough to lock in the flavours and infuse the aromas, a true way to enjoy a real biryani, Hyderabadi style! (Images of this dish and lots of other mouthwatering dishes can be seen on their website).

Azaro are very proud of the way they use ingredients too, which are all sourced locally (Hove) where possible. This allows them to receive fresh produce, especially their fish and vegetables, delivered on a daily basis, as they are only a stones throw from the beach! Thanks to the guys at Fish Galore!

Furthermore Azaro understand and hugely appreciate the value in supporting small local independent family run businesses and suppliers, like themselves. Again most importantly, they are great believers in focusing on offering a simplified menu of 10 main dishes creatively presented, instead of spreading themselves thin and attempting a menu of 50-75plus dishes, they focus on quality over quantity each and every time and give their guests the option to specify how they would like their flavour/spice levels from Mild, Regular Hot and even true Desi style, (Desi meaning truly authentic Indian style), thus ensuring that each and every single dish is “Tailor made” for your individual pallet.

It doesn’t stop there, Azaro ensures all of their herbs and spices are all sourced from bespoke suppliers and they use Ayurvedic ingredients such as Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Saffron, Cumin seeds, fenugreek, curry leaves, coriander and ginger to name a few, all of which contribute towards immense medicinal healing properties. So out goes the thinking that Indian food at Azaro is unhealthy because the truth is the traditional method of cooking and the use of the many herbs and spices makes their food good for the body, mind and soul.

All of Azaro’s meat and fish dishes undergo a 24 hour marination process, which draws out and enhances the flavours to their fullest . With most of their cooking done using their own traditional gas and charcoal clay ovens (Tandoors) a wholesome and healthier culinary experience is delivered every time you visit.

Tandoori food is always going to be extremely healthy as it is cooked without oil and grilling on charcoal which allows any excess fat in the meat to simply melt away. They ensure all their Tandoori dishes are cooked on the charcoal which gives it a real authentic taste as compared to gas ovens.

Catering for all tastes, the variety of vegetarian options Azaro offer are just as important and a perfect example of this is their signature dish Vegetable Kolapuri- a traditional dish from the state of Maharashtra in Western India which is made with all fresh, seasonal vegetables. (Please refer to their outstanding Reviews regarding this delightful dish)

Despite the short period of time that Azaro Hove has been opened, they were delighted to be nominated by the House of Commons to represent Hove for the National Tiffin Cup Curry Awards 2014, not only this they have been very fortunate to host our very own Foreign Minister Mr William Hague, who visited Azaro and commented very enthusiastically on how delicious their Chicken Tikka was after sampling it. He went further to add that it was possibly the best Chicken Tikka he’s ever had! Quite some endorsement!

(A video of this actual footage and conversation can been viewed on Azaro’s Facebook and twitter feed, (please search Azaro Hove Facebook).

Azaro continues to receive a multitude of reviews and accolades from the likes of the Gluten Free Society, International award winning author and food columnist Peter James, numerous other re-known Food Bloggers and countless guest reviews on how amazing their food really is and also the meticulous effort that is put in to ensure that they are always offering outstanding customer service each and every visit, hence in the short time that they have been open and “live” with Trip Advisor they are currently in the top 3 restaurants collectively from over 253 restaurants in Hove and are on top of Google search listings for BEST Indian Restaurant in Brighton and Hove.

As a result of their endeavours Azaro have this year been nominated for the National Curry Awards 2015, who have commended them on how they have revolutionised the Curry scene in Brighton and Hove

Azaro firmly believes that their cuisine deserves not only mention on the ingredients and cooking process but also from a more cultural prospective service is just as important, hence why they only short-list and recruit the best associates who have previously worked for luxury and leading high end brands such as American Express Travel, Giorgio Armani, Hyatt Group, ITC Hotels and the Estee Lauder Luxury Division, and have hosted various national presidents such as Mr Vajpayee, Pervez Musharraf and president Bill Clinton himself all at a Special State Banquet which took place at the Hyatt in Kathmandu.

You really must visit and meet the team at Azaro for the most authentic & flavoursome spring lamb sheekh Kebabs, melt in your mouth Chicken Tikka (Mr William Hague’s personal favourite) or Paneer Shashlik, giant fresh and locally sourced Tandoori Prawns, or bite into their signature Tandoori lamb chops or savour a variety of Vegetarian dishes.

Azaro: where from the moment you enter through their doors the “Feel Good Factor” begins and all five of your senses come alive.