An Authentic Ibizan Experience

An Authentic Ibizan Experience

Take to the magical Mediterranean Sea in true, relaxed Spanish style for an adventure you’ll remember forever with Bohemian Boat Charters.
If you think the white isle of Ibiza is just for party-goers, think again. Over the last few years, authentic Ibizan charm, crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches have enticed holiday-makers looking for respite, recuperation and relaxation. And what better way to experience this than by taking to the sun-kissed waters to privately explore the breath-taking coastline’s rock formations, snorkel, or find your own slice of secluded beach – all in a traditional Spanish llaut?

Bohemian Boat Charters is owned by Zander Combe, a former London insurance company underwriter turned adventure tour operator. After living in India and operating motorcycle tours all across Asia for over a decade, Zander moved to Ibiza a year ago, to enjoy a slower pace of life and to create Bohemian Boat Charters.  “Ibiza is a very special place,” he tells us. “I love the island as a whole and the people who live here. The climate is also amazing.”

“I set up Bohemian Boat Charters as it’s very hard to find self-drive boat rentals in Ibiza and I found no-one was renting out something authentic to the Balearics. It’s all yachts and speed boats!” Instead of swanky super-yachts, the rustic fleet of Spanish llauts make for a beautiful, slow day (or sunset cruise) at sea – and instead of being about speed, it’s more about leisurely exploring at your very own pace.

The three locally made llauts are carefully converted traditional Spanish boats and are perfect for beginners through to seasoned boaters to navigate. Available for hire by day, they are well-maintained and equipped so that all you have to do is jump on-board and enjoy Ibiza’s coastline. To make sure that your experience is even more relaxing, Bohemian Boat Charters provide you with a luxurious picnic hamper and a built-in music system. All that’s left to do is just lie back and enjoy your day at sea.

The boats have been fitted with state-of-the-art GPS to guide you effortlessly on your trip, as you become your very own captain. This pre-set route gives peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy your time – without worry about your safety or getting lost. Each boat is powered by a 12hp horsepower outboard engine, and a deep “V” hull, giving it the feel of a much larger boat, so that when you potter around the coastline or picnic on your deserted beach you can enjoy the day with complete confidence.

“Our llauts have been modernised and upgraded,” Zander explains. “They are very comfortable, slow-paced and perfect for a chilled-out day at sea discovering the coastline in the north the island.” The charter company’s most popular hire is the stunning Mirapeix, a boat big enough for four. However, as Zander tells us, it’s not just family and friend foursomes who love to enjoy this beautiful boat. “We have three boats including a bigger five person boat,” he says, “but lots of couples going on a romantic outing seem to like Mirapeix, with its pretty woodwork, best.”

Of course, it’s not just loved-up couples sailing out for a lazy day with the rugged coastline and dreamy blue sea as the backdrop, but families and groups of friends too – it seems especially popular with girls wanting to get-together to treat themselves to a day of bohemian luxury. “We have couples and families booking our boats, but mostly we have groups of girls. I think the ladies like our services because they can get away from the men and have a great day out without too much speed and adrenaline!” Zander laughs.

Whether you drift out for a romantic cruise, a family float or a relaxed day with friends, there’s plenty to see and do. Claim your very own beach, marvel at the amazing coastline, explore the hidden caves and seek your own peace, as you gently lap amongst the waves. “One of my most favourite things to do when hiring a llaut for the day is to head to a quiet cove, snorkel, relax and have an amazing picnic in a deserted spot with no-one else there,” Zander tells us. “We also have sound systems on the boats so listening to music while on-board is up there for me too!”

It’s this taking time out, with your nearest and dearest, that Zander – and his customers – enjoy so much about getting on a gorgeous boat and sailing off for the day. “Life is very fast and stressful,” he says. “Take a slow boat for a day by yourself and really get a chance to relax properly. It’s not that often we get an opportunity to do this and that’s precisely what Bohemian Boat Charters offers. Slow paces and a safe and fun day out at sea with no interference from a captain telling you what you can and can’t do!”

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