Thanks to female entrepreneurs (and sisters), Becky Sharp and Emma Booysen, founders of Robus Automation (, long days of boring, repetitive, time sapping administrative tasks, are a thing of the past.

The Brighton-based, tech start-up helps companies of all sizes, but with an emphasis on SMEs, automate repetitive work using virtual assistants. Bots that never sleep, are easy to train and never make mistakes. Their aim is to make automation accessible to companies of all sizes, by offering affordable and scalable solutions which can be implemented using existing software and IT infrastructures.

“Using the latest UiPath technology, we provide everything from pay-as-you-go, pre-built bots to highly complex solutions requiring bespoke development. As an example, one of our existing bots will process all your bank reconciliations using Xero accounting software.” explains Becky, co-founder.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) robots are capable of mimicking many, if not all, digital human actions. They can open and read emails, move files and folders, copy and paste data, log into applications, fill in forms, extract data from documents, make calculations and much, much more. Robots are fast, easy to train, infinitely scalable and 100% accurate.

“Instead of replacing employees, our bots are designed to support them by becoming their virtual assistants,” Emma reassures. “These robots are not designed to take away people’s jobs. They’re here to take away the mundane tasks, freeing up people to be more creative and innovative – doing all the things robots can’t.”

Robus want to humanise RPA – stripping away jargon, making the technology accessible and comprehensible. Becky has always had a passion for helping SMEs, working closely with business owners and providing business support services. Emma’s background is in client and project management of software and data solutions, which she now uses to guide and support their customers. During lockdown – witnessing a boom in home working and a now obvious realisation that time is money – they spotted a gap in the market.

Chris Duddridge, VP of Sales for UiPath said: “It’s inspiring to see the founding of an all-female team at Robus! The team’s drive to make robots accessible and affordable to the SME and commercial market can only be seen as a positive step.”