AVI-8 Ace of Spades Watch

The Hawker Harrier Ace of Spades refers to the Marine Attack Squadron 231 United States Marine Corps that flies the AV-8B Harrier ll McDonnell Douglas evolution of the Hawker Harrier. The version of the Harrier was launched in the early 1990s. US Army General Normal Schwarzkopf named the Harrier / AV-8B’s as one of the most important weapons of the 1991 Gulf War.

It continues to serve the needs of the Ace of Spades squadron to this day various theatres of combat, providing close air support for ground troops and performing armed reconnaissance. Measuring 46 mm in diameter the watch is built around a sturdy well-built case featuring a slat scratch-resistant sapphire lens. A crown positioned at 2 o’clock positioned features a start insignia in a nod to the US Air Force insignia marking its namesake aircraft.

The dial of the Ace of Spades in a representation of the best of the AVI-8 brand. Comprised of more than 30 unique pieces, each part of the dial has been carefully designed and laid out in keeping with inspiration provided by the Harrier. The passage of seconds is marked out by a custom modified disc just below the 3 o’clock position and the 24-hour subdial has been constructed with a series of layers and indexes which have been individually facetted applied with brush and polish finishes.

The attention to detail and finishing can be found across the dial. The result is a dial that while offering a clear cut time display, presents a contemporary military industrialized look. You can now sign up to get priority access to this timepiece at AVI-8.co.uk