AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Carey Dual Time

AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Carey Dual Time

Designed to pay tribute to one of Britain’s most distinguished fighter aces and commanders, AVI-8 Watches are pleased to introduce the Hawker Hurricane Carey Dual Time. Inspired by the successes of Frank Reginald Carey across the globe during WWll, a precise and reliable Japanese quartz dual time movement powers this timepiece, allowing the wearer to easily track time in two locations.

Nodding to the global exploits of Carey, each timepiece is named after a location that he was stationed at during his esteemed career with the RAF.

Available at Avi-8.co.uk from 27th August, RRP: £140 – £165.

Frank Reginald Carey 1912 – 2004

Born in Brixton, London, Frank Reginald Carey was a Royal Air Force fighter pilot and flying ace who served during the second World War. At the outbreak of WWll in September 1939, Carey flew defensive patrols over eastern Scotland, where he gained his first successes and was awarded the distinguished flying medal for several shared air victories. Commissioned as a pilot officer in April 1940, he transferred to No. 3 Squadron RAF and participated in the Battle of France, and in May was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Carey was given command of No. 135 Squadron RAF as acting squadron leader in August 1941. In December the squadron began moving to India, with Carey leading the formation against the Japanese invasion of Burma.

Carey was credited with 23 enemy aircraft shot down, six shared destroyed, four unconfirmed destroyed, seven probable, two destroyed on the ground and ten damaged. Of the 23 credited destroyed in air combat, 15 were German and 8 Japanese. Throughout his career he went on to win a number of additional commendations, and in 1945, he was mentioned in the New Years Honours List.