Award winning writer and performer Eleanor Higgins brings sell-out compelling story of addiction and obsession to Brighton.

Award winning writer and performer Eleanor Higgins brings sell-out compelling story of addiction and obsession to Brighton.

Eleanor Higgins has everyone talking, with her first solo show:In PurSUEt.Taking Edinburgh Fringe by storm, her debut work is a new, evocative one woman play that explores themes ofmental health,substance misuse, LGBTQ+ issuesand…Sue Perkins. After selling out the entire run, (having to upscale half way through to a triple capacity venue) receiving rave reviews and being awarded the much coveted sell out Fringe Laurel, In PurSUEt will be making it’s Brighton Fringe debut where even the mayor himself, Sadiq Khan, is a fan.

Unique it’s premise, In PurSUEt tells the story of a nameless ‘Woman’ sat in a therapist’s office. She’s been sent there to deal with her drink problem. But she doesn’t need help. She just needs Sue Perkins. They are meant for each other. If only Sue could see that too. But how can she? She’s too busy being a celebrity. So Woman sets out in pursuit of her love. From following Sue’s every move online – to breaking in backstage at the BBC, there isn’t anything she won’t do. But can she keep it all together and win her heart’s desire, whilst battling her out of control drinking? Told by a new voice that expresses, with fierce brutality, one person’s struggle facing life on life’s terms.


Inspired by life events of the writer and actorEleanor Higgins. Eleanor trained at the Royal Academy and at Circle In The Square Theatre School; New York. She battled substance misuse in her twenties whilst noticing the parallels between addiction and fantasy. Now in sobriety, and with a diploma in advanced psychology under her belt, she shares this intriguing story with the world. Stating:

“I believe addiction and obsession are intrinsically linked – and that isn’t being spoken about enough”

Eleanor hopesIn PurSUEtcan open up a dialogue about the other ways that addiction can manifest.

She notes:”We tend to look at the substance as being the problem. The substance is actually the solution. And that isn’t always obvious.Obsessionwith someone or something can play out like a drug – and with the likes of Instagram, TikTok and rest – is growing at an alarming rate.”

Eleanor has worked extensively in Theatre and the Arts over the last decade. Afeministand passionate advocate for theLGBTQ+ community. She writes poignant and truthful comedy that comes from the heart.

Director Tom Knight

Tom’s an experienced filmmaker making his theatrical directorial debut with In PurSUEt. An international 20-year career has seen Tom work with some of the most recognisable names in film and on the biggest shows in television, including multi-million-pound movies, Saturday night entertainment, period dramas and sitcoms.

Press For In PurSUEt

★★★★★Lothian Life -“Timely, hilarious and poignant, In PurSUEt was one of the finest one-actor shows I’ve seen.”

★★★★The Scotsman -“Eleanor Higgins is excellent in her one-woman show about addiction and obsession.”

★★★★Broadway World -“A challenging story told in a fascinating gripping way, that will have you tearing up one minute and chuckling away the next!”

★★★★The Wee Review -“A tragic, comic depiction of the complexities of humanity which is captivating and heart-breaking.”

★★★★★Mumble Theatre -“Eleanor Higgins is in total command of her chosen arena.”

★★★★BroadwayBaby -“Talented writing, raw emotion, it was by far, one of the best one-woman shows I’ve seen.”