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Bang & Oulfsen – Are Simply the Best!

We all know Bang & Olufsen is recognised for manufacturing highly distinctive and exclusive ranges of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers, telephones, and multi media products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal. B&O products bring the entertainment experience to a new level, whilst revolutionising the concept of art into electronics.

Since 2012, Brighton’s very own B&O store has been getting a lot of attention, for all the right reasons. Voted for 2013-2014 Dealer of the year throughout the UK and Ireland, in which the Manufacturer panel scored the Church street, Hove showroom highly on it’s customer satisfaction, the atmosphere including ambience of the showroom, product launches and sales performance.

There is no doubt, this showroom boasts elegance, whilst incorporating art, furthermore it is clear to see that each member of staff is informative and knowledgeable about all the products.

Working for B&O for over 24years, Michael Sparkes, dealer principal of Bang & Olufsen, Brighton & Hove takes time out of his hectic schedule to talk to me about winning this award including some exclusive news about his flagship store.

How did your career start within the audio/visual industry?

mick b&o hoveWhat seems such a long time ago I started to work at the young age of 17 in a multi brand television and audio shop in Camberley, Surrey called Hemmings Audio Visual. My daily tasks where making the tea and dusting. After many years of understanding the technology in the home audio/visual industry I moved to work in one of the UK’s first Bang & Olufsen Showrooms based in Guildford, Surrey. I thought I had landed! Dealing with high wealth clients and products that I always dreamed of owning. After many years of working up to showroom manager and overseeing 3 other showrooms, I decided I wanted my own. So in 2011 I approached Bang & Olufsen who where overwhelmed that I wanted to start my own Business. They suggested Brighton & Hove, which at the time seemed a million miles away from home. But with the move it was the best decision I made!

What do you feel your customers should expect from visiting your show room?

I have spent a lot of time in making sure my staff are fully trained and are continually training within their role. I feel that this is not just with product knowledge and

selling but also to ensure all of our clients who walk into my showroom feel like our friends. I have always believed people like to do business with people they like and trust. This goes such a long way for repeat purchases.

How does it feel to be Dealer of the Year 2013-2014 throughout the UK and Ireland?

This is defiantly been a dream come true and since then we have come first place in a lot of Bang & Olufsen internal competitions. But I always make sure the people that work with me are part of receiving the prizes too as they help make this happen.

I am aware this question will be difficult, but what is a must have B&O product?

Yes a very difficult question, as all Bang & Olufsen products are very special. Our products are not just about picture and sound, they are also about magical experiences. I would say that when clients purchase our television they never get tired of seeing the television turn to their personal viewing position using our motorised stand. Even after many years of owning a product our clients never bored of showing their friends how wonderful they are.

What exclusive information can you share with Absolute Magazine in regards to any new electronics coming soon or any promotions within your show room?

My lips are sealed! I am pleased to say that our products don’t change every year like the mass produced products companies out there manufacture, so you are reassured that whatever you buy will not date overnight and they will get many years of pleasure. Just asked any of our clients for proof. However we have just launched something very special, which is a pair of loudspeakers that sell for £54,000. Its not every ones cup of tea, but I do invite everyone to come in and ask for a listen.

You will not look at any ordinary products out there in the same way again.