Beating the Burn: It Worked For Me

Beating the Burn: It Worked For Me

We have most likely all experienced heartburn at some point, whether it be a burning sensation in the chest after eating or an acidic taste following a burp.

However, regular or severe heartburn affects over a quarter of the population, often having a profound impact on quality of life. In fact, 80% of night-time sufferers report difficulty sleeping as a result, having a knock-on effect on mood, energy and productivity during the day.

Steve, 57 from Brighton, was trapped in a cycle of disrupted sleep and recurrent heartburn, until discovering omeprazole, the number one treatment recommended by GP’s;

“I started getting an uncomfortable pain in my chest which got worse when I went to bed. I would often wake in the night to an intense burning sensation. Monitoring my diet and cutting out acidic foods and alcohol helped reduce the pain, but it didn’t relieve the condition completely.”

“That’s when I tried omeprazole, which has no doubt relieved my symptoms. I no longer suffer from uncomfortable chest pain and I now sleep through the night with no problems.”

Often overlooked as ‘just heartburn’, many sufferers dismiss symptoms unaware of the simple lifestyle changes and treatments available.

According to GP Dr. Sarah Jarvis, “Heartburn is very common and can have a real impact on your quality of life. Lifestyle changes such as avoiding heavy meals near bedtime and not wearing tight clothes round your tummy will help.

But for more frequent heartburn, medicine which stops heartburn at the source, reducing the amount of acid your stomach produces, will bring longer lasting relief.

I, like most GPs, recommend proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole because they provide effective relief over a whole 24-hour period. Because they reduce acid production, they can also reduce inflammation and scarring on the lining of your gullet.”

Whereas other treatments mask the problem, Pyrocalm, containing Omeprazole – the ingredient most frequently prescribed by GPs, blocks the release of acid at the source, decreasing acidity inside the stomach and leaving only a small amount required for digestion.

Omeprazole is now available online, as Pyrocalm Control Gastro-resistant tablets (£10.99 for 14 tablets). One tablet taken in the morning provides 24-hour relief from heartburn and reflux symptoms. You can get this new treatment delivered to your door at