Heidis trolleys

Factory Locher, founded and developed by acclaimed artist and architect Heidi Locher, now presents its luxury range of stainless steel trolleys.

The idea of flexible moving objects that adapt to their surroundings and functionality is a modernist architectural concept. The freedom of this flexibility is an intoxicating notion for a designer. However, it sets parameters that are sophisticated from a design point of view; the trolleys must be beautiful and perfectly designed from any angle yet have the ability to be used anywhere, whether indoors or outside.

While maintaining their strong lines and clean aesthetic harmonies, Factory Locher’s trolleys are modular, expandable and infinitely flexible. Factory Locher embraces ideas of playfulness: that one surface could hold a piece of fine art, a jewellery collection, a light installation, a video or could simply have different surfaces – timber, glass or concrete – to respond to a specific need.

Factory Locher presents architectural design in its purest form. These trolleys are flexible, moveable, practical objects which help to define and enhance space, while also bringing joy, beauty and tranquillity to it.

This range of couture trolleys, with a choice of surfaces, successfully work as coffee tables, work tables, dining tables, beds, and much more. They can be ordered to size to fit any space.

Heidi Locher has designed some of the most talked-about private houses in London for a distinguished list of clients as well as public buildings such as Soho Theatre in Greek Street and the Jerwood Space in Southwark. Concurrently, Locher has been carving a reputation in the art world as well as developing the multiple facets of Studio Locher’s interdisciplinary practice.

For more information about Factory Locher’s work please see or follow on twitter @StudioLocher.

The trolleys are available to purchase from 12th October from the following outlets:

All enquiries and further information: Chloé Nelkin, Chloé Nelkin Consulting